Graduate Executive Committee

The Graduate Executive Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research. The Associate Provost supervises and coordinates all educational programs at the graduate level throughout the University with the assistance of other deans, directors department heads, and the Graduate Executive Committee by making recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for appointments to the Graduate Faculty of the University; making recommendations to the Graduate Faculty regarding standards for admission to graduate study; and serves as Chairperson of the Graduate Executive Committee.

Committee membership is composed of one graduate faculty representative from each department that offers a graduate degree program.  The committee meets during the academic year to review proposals for curriculum change, new or revised courses, or new degrees as they relate to graduate level programs. Approved proposals are then forwarded to the academic committee for review before advancing to the faculty senate executive committee.

Graduate Executive Committee Meeting Dates and Deadlines (subject to change)

Graduate Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

The Academic Committee  Guidelines for submitting revised course, new course, and curriculum change proposals and links to respective forms are available at: