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The policy was updated in Fall 2015. Check the website at  (College Preparatory Curriculum or CPC) for updated information.

(a, b, c, d, e, or f)

MATH 1112 (a)

a letter in parentheses following a course indicates that course fulfilled a core area at a previous University System of Georgia institution. No course substitution form is required for this course if used in that same area.



a course listed with a first number (1, 2, 3, or 4) followed by XXX means that course does not have an exact equivalent course at VSU. The first number indicates the course level. This course is an acceptable transfer course, but a student’s advisor must determine how to use it in the program of study. If it is followed by a letter representing a core area, no course substitution form is required; if it is not, the advisor will need to complete a course substitution form.


HIST 2111     K

a grade of K by a course indicates that the requirement has been satisfied through AP or CLEP scores.


COMM 1100#

a grade followed by # means that the student has been granted academic renewal; while these courses still count for degree completion, these courses are not calculated in the student’s current GPA (remember that courses with failing grades or with D grades do not count as fulfilling degree requirements in academic renewal).


BIOL 1110    R B

an "R" in front of a transfer grade indicates that the student hasrepeated the course (remember that a course can only be counted one time for graduation).


COOP 2300   S^

a grade followed by ^ indicates that the course received institutional but not academic credit (hours for these courses should not be listed for graduation).


RGTR 0198   S*

a grade followed by * also indicates that this course met an institutional requirement but that it does not earn academic credit for graduation.