College Leve Examination Program

Valdosta State University students may receive college credit for certain courses based on scores on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). VSU will accept up to 30 semester hours for subject examinations under the CLEP Program. The Office of Testing coordinates the administration dates for the examinations. The criteria for credit awarded for CLEP subject examinations are listed below. The only General Examination accepted is English Composition With Essay, and a minimum score of 500 is required.

    VSU will grant credit for DANTES/DSST exams determined to be equivalent to CLEP. The same score minimums will apply to these tests as the CLEP. CLEP credit will be indicated by a “K” on the student’s transcript.

    CLEP Subject Examinations - Effective for Computer Exams Beginning July 2001
    The tests and equivalents shown below are for the new College Board Computerized Exams. Contact the Office of Admissions for the course equivalents of CLEP exams taken prior to July 2001.

CLEP Test Minimum Score VSU Course Credit Given