Technology Training

We offer a variety of training sessions to help you effectively use the technologies available at VSU. Classes are free to VSU employees, including student employees; and are held at Pine Hall Lab 107 unless stated otherwise.

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Summer 2015 Workshops: 

1. Cascade Open Lab: This is an opportunity for those who have previously attended a Cascade training to come and receive one-on-one assistance with a specific task. This session should not be used as a Cascade Basic Training substitute. Participants can attend the open lab at any point within the session's schedule time. *For planning purposes, registration is recommended but not required. Prerequisite: Cascade Server Basic 
April 30, 9a-Noon 


2. Cascade Basic (Web Editor): This training introduces features available in the online web editor utilized by VSU to maintain departmental websites. The Basic class is mandatory for those who are responsible for editing departmental web content. 
June 5, June 25, 8:30a-11:30a


3. Outlook Quick Steps & Rules: Reduce the time and number of clicks it takes for you to complete certain functions in Outlook by learning to automate common or repetitive tasks with Quick steps and to manage your email messages by using Rules. 
May 11, 10a-11:30a

4. Excel Formulas Intro: Excel formulas can be used for simple additions or subtractions, as well as more complex calculations, such as payroll deductions or finding a student's grade average. This class will focus on basic formula structure, commonly used formulas, relative and absolute cell references, and few other tips. A basic understanding of Excel is required.
May 21, 2p-4p

5. Introducing OneDrive: All VSU faculty, staff, and students have access to Microsoft OneDrive--a password-protected cloud storage solution. Learn how to access, manage, store and share documents via OneDrive. 
July 10, 10a-11:30a


6. Office Mix: This PowerPoint add-in allows you to make your presentations more engaging by incorporating interactive elements such as quizzes, polls and apps; as well as voice, video, ink, and screen recording. Come discover how easy it is to take your PowerPoint to the next level. 
June 30, 1:30p-3p

7. OneNote 2013 Intro: All VSU faculty and staff have access to Microsoft OneNote. Think of OneNote as a digital version of a 3-ring binder with divider tabs. You can fill the "binder" with typed or handwritten notes, audio, video, documents, tasks, and emails. This training will introduce basic concepts and help you become familiar in how you can use OneNote for organization. 
June 9, 2p-4p    

8. Phishing Awareness: Come learn what the term “phishing” means and ways you can identify it in emails, websites and even phone calls. You’ll also learn how to protect your personal information and computer files from malicious intentions. This will be a very informative presentation by IT Information Security.
May 7 | May 13 | May 15 | All trainings are from 10a-11:30a

9. E-Pro Special Request Technology Ordering: This class is designed for employees ordering technology-related equipment for their department, grant or organization. It will detail the complexities of ordering software and hardware equipment, obtaining technology quotes, and compliance forms required prior to a purchase and PCard technology purchases. 
Prerequisite: Knowledgeable of procurement guidelines and the eProcurement system. 
May 5, 1:30p-2:30p 

10. Smart Classroom: Need help using the technologies in our Smart classrooms--enabling projector privacy, hooking up your laptop or iPad, turning on the document camera and more?
View the online Smart Classroom Training


11. VoIP/Jabber (IM): Designed to help you become familiar with the features of the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone, this hands-on workshop will demonstrate tasks such as transferring calls and call forwarding; as well as introduce you to the instant messenger application called Jabber that integrates many of the phone features such as voicemail, conference chats/calls, and call history. 
Training offered by request