• Cascade 8 is here!

    Cascade 8 is here!

    Cascade version 8 comes with a new modern interface and enhanced functionality.

Cascade CMS: Web Editor

Cascade is an online content management system (CMS) that enables approved users to design and maintain their Valdosta State University departmental webpages. It is also the CMS that Web Services uses to maintain the overall university website, including the home page, colleges' splash pages, the campus directory, and more.

Cascade uses a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor; so you don't need to know HTML coding to use it. It's accessible from any computer with an internet access and no special software is required.

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  • Accessing Cascade

    NEW USERS: To gain editing rights to your departmental site, you must first attend a Cascade Basic Training. Typically, at least one session is offered each month. Experienced Cascade users are welcome to attend trainings as refresher courses any time.

    Once you have successfully completed training, Web Services will create your account based on the information you provide:

    • Name and Username
    • Department, Division, or College site
    • Publisher or Author Rights - What's the difference?
      An Author and a Publisher can create and edit content. However, those who have Author rights cannot directly publish content without generating a Workflow. A Publisher must first review and approve the content generated by the Author before it can be published (go live). A Publisher can also bypass the 'Start Workflow' prompt and approve his/her own work.


    Cascade CMS is available from any computer with internet access.

    1. Open your preferred web browser (reference Supported Browsers)
    2. Navigate to https://link.valdosta.edu
    3. Enter your VSU Username only and Password, click Login

    Tip: A link to Cascade CMS is also listed on the MyVSU login screen below the Sign In button.

    Supported Web Browsers:
    Chrome 50+
    Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11
    Mozilla Firefox 45+
    Safari 8+

  • Cascade Training & Guides

    How-to Guides

    Read the Cascade 8 How-to Guide
    Watch Recorded Hannon Hill Webinar |1hr 49m

    In-House End-User Training

    PART 1 (Cascade Basic) - 10AM-NOON

    Register on the Employee Training Portal

    The Cascade Basic class is required for those who are assigned to edit their departmental web site. This training can also serve as a 'refresher' for those who already have access. Training topics include:
    Login, Dashboard, Sites, Asset Tree, Create, Edit, Publish, Live, Unpublish, Delete
    Assets: Pages, Images, Files, Folders
    My Content: Recent, Drafts, Locks, Workflows

    • Tuesday, August 17
    • *Thursday, August 26 (Online) 11am-1pm
    • *Friday, August 27 (Online) 8am-10am
    • Tuesday, September 7
    • Tuesday, October 5
    • Tuesday, November 9
    • Additional sessions may be offered

    PART 2 - 1PM-3PM

    Register on the Employee Training Portal

    This optional training picks up where Cascade Basic left off and introduces web editing features such as: embedded video, _info page, modules, forms, and more. The training is intended for those who already have rights to edit their college or departmental website. Prerequisite: Cascade Basic.

    • Thursday, August 19
    • Wednesday, September 15
    • Thursday, October 14
    • Tuesday, November 16
    • Additional sessions may be offered

    Hannon Hill End User Training Webinar

    Tuesday, October 5th from 2:00pm - 3:30pm EDT

    In this training webinar we will be covering the following areas of the content management system:

    • Login, Dashboard, Sites, Navigating to Content
    • Create, Edit, Publish, Live, Unpublish, Delete, Comments, @Mentions, Drafts
    • Pages (Rich Text, Structured Content), Images/Files, Folders, Content Checks
    • Submitting into Workflow
    • My Content (Recent, Drafts, Locks, Workflows)

    Your specific implementation can (and will) vary based on your design. However, this webinar will highlight the major areas of the user interface you'll want to know about and a number of different content creation examples. There will be a short Q&A at the end depending on how much time is remaining.

  • What's New in Cascade 8

    Cascade 8: A redesigned interface with enhanced functionality

    What's New in Cascade 8:

    MODERN INTERFACE:  a new look with larger fonts, a new color scheme, and a different layout

    Cascade 8 Dashboard

    ADD CONTENT MENU:  the New menu has been replaced by the Add Content menu. To add new assets to your site, click the pink circle with a plus sign.

    Add Content Menu

    ICON COLORS:  icons for pages, blocks, files and links are now grayish black instead of blue and green; folder icons are still yellow.

    Several icons in the CMS

    ASSET NAME: the System Name field is now called Page Name (or File Name or Link Name). The name in this field also appears in the URL address.

    Page Name field outlined in red

    UPDATED EDITOR: the WYSIWYG editor has a new look with formatting options located in different places.

    Full WYSIWYG toolbar

    IMAGE ALIGNMENT: align an image inline with your text by selecting align-right from the Class dropdown instead of using the Advanced tab within the Insert/Edit Image editor.
    Class align-right outlined in red; Advanced tab crossed out in red


    CHECK CONTENT & SUBMIT: use the new Check Content & Submit button to check for broken links and spelling before submitting an asset.

    Arrow pointing to three dots; red outline around Check Content & Submit button

    SUCCESS MESSAGES: notifications that an action was completed successfully now appear at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top.


    TRASH: formerly named the Recycle Bin, Trash is now located in the Site Content Menu and contains deleted assets. Assets can still be restored for 30 days from the Trash.

    Trash can in site content menu

  • Related Resources & Help

    Visual Identity Guide- A distinctive visual identity program is critical for Valdosta State University to maintain a clear, consistent image before its various constituencies. This guide is designed to assist everyone in proper use of the institution’s identity marks.

    NEED HELP? Contact Web Services at webservices@valdosta.edu or submit a ticket at solutions.valdosta.edu

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