Welcome to the Moody AFB Campus

Welcome to the VSU Moody Air Force Base campus website. Whether you are a prospective student looking to see what we offer or a current student looking for answers to questions, we are happy you have found us. Our office is here to provide support to our students, military and civilians alike. We are committed to providing personalized service to our students, traditional and nontraditional, as they work through pursuing a degree at VSU. So please check out the website. But more importantly, if you have questions don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at 229. 257.4163, or email us at moody@valdosta.edu. We are here to help.

Moody Air Force Base is the home of the 23rd Wing's Flying Tigers and is located in beautiful Valdosta, Georgia and is host to the Valdosta State University (VSU) Moody campus, also known as the VSU Center. VSU, a military friendly school, is committed to helping military and civilians alike to pursue and achieve their educational goals. Our partnership with Education and Training Services is paramount in providing educational opportunities for growth and advancement for all students.


Moody AFB is a military installation and as such, we must abide by the regulations that govern base access. Base approval is needed prior to coming onto the base.  If a student requires base access for class, contact the VSU Center at 229.257.4163.  When you are on the base, please keep in mind the following at all times:

  • Your vehicle is subject to a thorough search at any time.
  • You are expected to obey all military rules and regulations while on base premises.
  • No cell phone use is allowed while driving on base.
  • Vehicle speed limit is 25 mph.
  • At 5:00p.m. every day the base will sound retreat.  If driving, you must stop your vehicle when the music begins and once it stops you may proceed.  If walking during this time, you must stop walking, face the music and stand still until the music is over, then proceed. 
  • Students must ensure that their actions are above reproach while attending class on base.