• Highlights From Around the Campus

    Highlights From Around the Campus
    VSU offers an environment that promotes the full range of discovery, integration, application, and teaching scholarship.

  • Graduate Research

    Graduate Research
    VSU is committed to providing a quality graduate learning environment, enabling advanced studies guided by graduate faculty with a passion for teaching, research, and service.

  • Undergraduate Research

    Undergraduate Research
    Our faculty and administration recognize the strong connection between research excellence and teaching/student learning.

  • Community Engagement

    Community Engagement
    VSU is committed to be an engaged university, significantly contributing to efforts to improve the living conditions and enhance the economic prosperity and quality of life in our region.

  • Research...Getting Started

    Research...Getting Started
    External sponsor funding provides resources for faculty and student development and leads to new knowledge, new discoveries, cutting-edge educational programs, and services that address community needs.

  • Research Administration

    Research Administration
    As a steward of public funds, the University also supports sponsored project directors in administering grants and contracts, from award acceptance to close-out, ensuring best practices and regulatory compliance.


Valdosta State University is committed to establishing itself as a regional leader in the creation, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge through the scholarly activities of our faculty, staff, and students.  Our research, creative, and scholarly endeavors ("research") encompasses the full range of discovery, integration, application, and teaching scholarship. 

Our portfolio includes a wide range of research activity both within and across academic disciplines where you will find our faculty and staff engaging graduate and undergraduate students; academic colleagues from regional, national, and international institutes of higher learning; and private and public sector partners in an array of exciting projects. Use this page as a jump-off point to learn more about our activities and the people that make them happen.