Student Government Association Blazer Allocation Committee (Small Allocation)

Organizations historically receiving funding of less than $1,000 in prior years; or individuals with special interest program emphasis; or organizations and individuals that have not received funding in the past must apply and be awarded by the Student Government Association Blazer Allocation Committee for two consecutive years prior to submitting a request to the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee.  Funding requests of this type are less than $1,000.  The organizations must be willing to comply with all of the general guidelines, Valdosta State University Policies and Procedures and University System of Georgia Policies and Procedures.

There are two type of awards available:  Organizations and Individuals

Organization Award Requirements

  1. The organization is registered by the University as an active student organization, listed on the current roster of Student Organizations with up-to-date information maintained by the Office of Student Life.
  2. The organization must apply for funding no later than three weeks prior to the event, conference, or date required to receive funds whichever is earliest and go through the formal process by meeting with the SGA Blazer Allocation Committee.
  3. The organization can apply for funding for the next semester when the money is needed ahead of time.
  4. All receipts must be submitted within two weeks after receiving funding or after the event occurs.  Copies must be made of all receipts and a breakdown of final expenditures is required.  This includes documentation to confirm lodging, airline travel, registration costs, and all other types of expenditures.
  5. If the organization is applying for funding towards a conference at least four people must attend the conference to receive funding.  if there is less than four, please refer to the individual fund request.
  6. Must comply with all of the general guidelines and supplemental Activity Fee Purchasing Regulations, Valdosta State University Policies and Procedures and University System of Georgia Polices and Procedures.
  7. Failure to comply with the requirements my result in a one semester (first offense) suspension from the date of funding approval to one year (second offense) suspension from the date of funding approval to request SGA funding.  Additional organizational conduct procedures may take place affecting the standing of your organization with the Office of Student Life.

Maximum Award:

  • Organizations may receive a maximum of $500 per semester.
  • Two or more organizations collaborating on a program must submit separate fund requests with same program name and list each other in request.

Allowable Expenditures:

  • Advertisements and promotion that will be used for a one time purpose.
  • Cups, plates, napkins and utensils.
  • Lodging, plane tickets, car rentals.
  • Rentals for any props, sound equipment, or location
  • Food, as long as event is open to the whole University and have Pre-Approval Food Expense Form.

Unallowable Expenditures:

  • Any personal item which can be kept by an individual member unless it can be considered a uniform and returned.
  • Fundraiser
  • Thank you or personal gifts
  • Charity donations
  • Absolutely no miscellaneous items


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Individual Award Requirements

  1. The student must be an Undergraduate or a Graduate student who is in good standing at Valdosta State University and paid their student activity fees.  The applicant must be registered for classes and have paid Student Activity Fees during the semester of his/her travel. (*If a student is traveling between semesters, he/she must also be registered for the semester following the travel).
  2. Students involved with Greek Life can receive Individual Funding.
  3. Please state the reasons for funding as related to your educational and professional development.  The grant is not guaranteed; therefore, the applications that are well written and thoroughly answer all the questions will have a better chance of receiving funding.
  4. The application must be received at least three weeks prior to the start of your trip or event.  If approved, you will receive an award email notifying you of the amount of your grant.
  5. Individual Receipt Form must be turned in no later than 14 days after receiving the check.  (If the receipt is not turned-in, the student will be on probation for receiving Individual Funding for the next semester.)
  6. If more than three people are attending a conference through the same organization, please follow the Organization Fund Requirements.

Maximum Award:

  • If a student is attending a conference and is not presenting the maximum award amount is $150.
  • The maximum award per student per semester is $300.

Allowable expenditures and maximums:

  • Admission fees
  • Lodging
  • Gas
  • Printing, postage and necessary supplies
  • Registration/workshop or travel costs

Unallowable expenditures:

  • University tuition, fees, room, meal plan, books
  • Meal/food
  • Luxury hotel rooms
  • Roommates/family members
  • Telephone calls
  • Hotel services (laundry, valet service, safes, etc.)
  • Entertainment (tickets, movies, tours, alcoholic beverages, etc.)
  • Fines or penalty fees
  • Travel for networking purposes
  • Travel which occurred prior to the date the grant was awarded
  • Absolutely no miscellaneous items


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