Guidelines for Use of Student Activity Funds

Valdosta State University Requirements

  • Programs and activities funded in whole or in part by Student Activity Fees must be open to any interested student.  Any registered organization may request program assistance funds for programs that are directed to the campus as a whole, open to any interested student, and are deemed to serve, benefit, or be of interest to a significant segment of the University community.
  • All programs and events hosted by or supported by activity fee funds must collect participation data into Blazer Connect.  Card swipe technology can be made available.
  • Student Organizations must be and remain an active registered student organization with the Office of Student Life and be in good standing with the Office of Student Conduct.
  • All organizations/departments must adhere to the financial policies of Valdosta State University, any supplemental procedures set by the Division of Student Affairs, and policies of the University System of Georgia.
  • No Student Activity Fee funds shall be used to fund scholarships.
  • No Student Activity Fee funds shall be used to fund charitable events or fund raising projects for third party organizations.  However, if an organization hosts such an event outside of their normal program budget and charges a fixed admission, any profit, after all expenses have been deducted from the net admission income, may be donated to a charitable organization.
  • Student Activity Fee funds earmarked for programs and activities shall not be used routinely for capital outlays or to purchase equipment with a value greater than $100.  Payment for equipment maintenance is allowable with prior approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs.  All equipment and supplies (regardless of cost) must follow established University procurement guidelines.
  • No budgeted Activity Fee allocation may be transferred from one account to another without the approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • Unexpended fund balances as of June 30 of each year will be recalled to the Student Life Support account.
  • Student Activity Fee funds may be used to purchase food as part of a sponsored program or event.
    • Organizations can spend no more than 20% of their allocated Student Activity Fees on food.  Organizations can spend 100% of their generated income on food.
    • No increase in the food budget will be allowed during the fiscal year without the expressed permission of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
    • All food purchases including snacks must have an approved Pre-Approval Food Purchase Request form as well as comply with all Valdosta State University and University System of Georgia food policies, including any applicable per diems.
  • Student Activity Fee funds may be used to fund student travel to conventions, conferences and non-NCAA team competitive events.  However, student travel funds must be specifically requested and budgeted for any program or activity funded in whole or in part by Student Activity Fee funds.  Expenditures may include reasonable amounts for transportation, lodging, and meals associated with attendance as a delegate or representative.
  • Specific guidelines may be developed by SAFAC that limit the number of individuals funded to attend a single conference or convention, the number of trips funded, and the dollar amounts reimbursed.  They may also restrict the types of travel expenses funded.
  • Organizations that collect dues or fees from their members or have other revenue sources must include with their Budget Activity Request a breakdown of the revenues and expenditures of how the dues or fees or other revenue sources are utilized.
  • Falsification of application information will result in organization's not receiving and/or repaying Student Activity Fee Funds and may lose the opportunity for future funds requests.

Student Affairs and Student Fee Supplemental Purchase Requirements

Supplemental Policies and Procedures for Student Affairs and Student Activity Fee Funded Organizations - UPDATED

University System of Georgia

USG Business Procedures Manual regarding Student Fees