Graduate Research Symposium

The Graduate School at Valdosta State is proud to celebrate graduate student research and scholarship in a symposium held each spring.

Check Out the 2021 Grad Symposium Recording Below!

Congratulations 2021 Grad Symposium Winners! 



  • 1st Place – Kayla Sanders “Talk Therapy for Reducing Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS), and Burnout in a Social Worker at Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS)”
  • 1st Runner Up – Elizabeth Bingham “Decriminalization of Marijuana and the Societal Effects”
  • 2nd Runner Up – Thibault Deneve “The Aftermath of Combat Exposure and Death of Veterans’ Health”


  • 1st Place – Mirakal Jackson “The Glass vs Concrete Ceiling”
  • 1st Runner Up – Kathryn Sizemore “Gender Inequalities within Collegiate Coaching”
  • 2nd Runner Up – Elizabeth Rivera “Religion, Familial Expectations for Childbearing, and the ‘Child-Free’ Movement: How Individuals Negotiate Identities on Reddit”

Graduate Assistant of the Year

  • 1st Place - Catherine Yara
  • 1st Runner Up - 
  • 2nd Runner Up - Justin Sachez



    The high quality of our students' research and/or scholarship has placed them on an elite list of graduate students nominated by faculty in their graduate programs to present posters or Three Minute Thesis (3MT™).  Click What is 3MT or the 3MT Handbook to find out more.  First held in 2009, the symposium is designed to showcase the outstanding research and/or scholarship being conducted by Valdosta State University Graduate Students and their Faculty mentors. The President of Valdosta State University and/or the Provost give opening remarks. Faculty, Department Heads, Deans, Graduate Students and guests have the opportunity to view posters and hear brief explanations of their research to learn about various projects occurring across campus. To review abstracts regarding student posters, click on the previous symposium links below.


    Students must be nominated by a faculty mentor to present in the Graduate Research Symposium.
    • Faculty mentors please nominate your students by contacting Ernest Smith at for a nomination form. The nomination deadline is March 8.
    • Are you a graduate student seeking a nomination? Please speak with your academic advisor about presenting.