Three Minute Video Research Competition

The Undergraduate Research Council (URC) of Valdosta State University invites undergraduate students to showcase their original research through the making and presenting of a 3-minute video. While your research may generally take hours to present in full, we challenge you to condense that research into 180 seconds—or, 3 minutes. The video might relate to a creative work or performance, research paper, senior thesis, laboratory project, or field research project. The video should clearly note your research question or topic and should summarize your key findings or discoveries. Fundamentally, a lay audience should be able to understand the finished result. The purpose of the 3-Minute Video Competition is to provide students an opportunity to share their original research, practice synthesizing information in a clear and direct manner, and earn the chance to produce a high-quality video to promote their research as they enter graduate school and/or the workforce.

The URC encourages students to unleash their creativity in the making of the 3-minute video. The top six student videos will be chosen by the URC to be presented live at the 26th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium in April 2020. Three winners will be chosen by the audience to win cash prizes and have their videos, upon further editing, highlighted on the Valdosta State University website.

Students must submit a YouTube link of their 3-minute video and an Abstract Submission Form, by February 22nd, 2020. If students would like assistance with their videos, the New Media Center in Odum Library will help with the filming and editing process. 

Preparing Your Video

If students would like assistance with their videos, the Honors College and the New Media Center, offer facilities and resources for students to prepare and capture research presentations. In addition to facilities and equipment, the Honors College also hosts workshops and colloquia to prepare students for undergraduate research presentations. If you are interested in utilizing resources in the Honors College for the 3-Minute Video Research Competition, please contact Dr. Michael Savoie at If you need assistance at the New Media Center please contact Kyle Culpepper at

Uploading Your Video

Once you’ve recorded your video, please use Youtube to generate a link to submit for the competition.

YoutubeInstructions for uploading to Youtube can be found here. Note: you must have a Google/Youtube account to upload to Youtube. We recommend that you upload the video as Public before sharing the link. 

In April of 2016, Natalie Milko’s “Teter Tiny House” won first place in the 3-Minute Video Research Competition.

When discussing her decision to participate in the 3-Minute Video Competition, Milko explained, “I was able to design the Teter Tiny House using the knowledge I have gained in VSU’s Interior Design Program. Having the great opportunity of designing a tiny house inspired me to share my experience through video. I felt that the public would be interested in learning more about the tiny house movement after watching my video.” Milko’s video can be viewed below:

If you have questions about uploading your video, please contact New Media Center in Odum Library or Digital Media Services ( and reference the 3-Minute Video Research Competition. Good luck!

Important Due Dates: Student Videos and Faculty Checklists - 02/22/19
Top Six Selection - 03/1/19
Top Six Presentation - 04/17/19

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