We strive to provide leadership and guidance to the university on the best practices related to marketing programs and services to targeted audiences with measurable results.

In order to better support Valdosta State in recruiting students and promoting our services, we offer consultations in the following areas:

Market Identification

The key to any successful marketing project is making sure you send your message to the audience that needs to hear it. Identifying your ideal audience is the first step toward delivering relevant, targeted content to the people your program serves. We provide marketing consultations to identify your audience through focus groups, constituent research, market trends, and best practices in higher education. Consultations are no cost to campus constituents, but departments should plan ahead to allow development time to run the campaign. 

Campaign Development

If your department or program is looking to expand in a strategic way, we offer campaign development consultation. We'll work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive campaign that promotes your offering using a combination of target traditional and digital marketing strategies that align closely with the institutional brand. Consultations are no cost to campus constituents, but departments should plan ahead to allow development time and budget to run the campaign. 

Brand Strategy

The university brand is a strong symbol of the spirit, tradition, and excellence of Valdosta State University. For the institution to be successful, all of the systems and units within the university must speak the same language, so to speak; consistently builds recognizability and strength of message with our audiences. VSU marketing staff are trained in brand strategy, and offer consultations to campus units wanting to incorporate the VSU brand into their marketing and recruiting materials at no cost.


Marketing services maintains relationships with dozens of local, regional, and national advertisers to promote the university's marketing and recruiting efforts. If you have a marketing budget to spend on advertising, please coordinate your project through marketing services to obtain the best prices and impact for your traditional (print, radio, television) and digital (web, social media, mobile) advertising needs. We will help your team develop a balanced spending strategy and track the reach and impact of your spending for tracking purposes.

Marketing Services has significant experience in advertising through the following media:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Outdoor (billboards, signage)
  • Newsletters (Digital and Print)
  • Television
  • Internet Radio
  • FM/AM and Radio
  • Public television and radio underwriting
  • Sponsorships
  • Search Engine 
  • Retargeting
  • Social Media
  • Location-based advertising (Snapchat, geofiltering)
  • and more