The Student Union and Odum Library maintain a number of digital signage displays for advertising events and initiatives to the campus community. Advertisements are for Valdosta State University recognized student organizations or departments only. External (non-VSU) advertisements will not be accepted. Because each unit displays targeted content, submission protocol and availability vary by display. Advertisements may be run for up to two weeks.

Guidelines for Content

  1. Advertisements are for Valdosta State University recognized student organizations or departments
    only. The recognized student organization or University department submitting an advertisement
    must be clearly identified within the advertisement.
  2. All advertisements must be congruent with the University's mission as a Comprehensive University of the University System of Georgia (
  3. Event-related advertisements will not run beyond the event date.
  4. The accuracy of information submitted is the responsibility of the individual, department, or
    organization submitting the advertisement. Departments managing digital signage reserve the
    right to reject any advertisements deemed inaccurate or inappropriate.
  5. Advertisements from student organizations must be for registered events and may be requested
    through the event registration process.
  6. Advertisements may not be for a specific class or course offering.
  7. Messages that will not be approved include but are not limited to classified ads, personal
    advertisements, and political messages.
  8. REMINDER: It is a violation of Title 17, United States Code of the copyright law, to modify, enhance, or reproduce images without the express consent of the copyright holder. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the individual, department, or recognized student organization to obtain prior written consent from an authorized party for all copyrighted photos, images, and logos used on the digital signage displays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a method to disseminate information, or to advertise a message, to as many people as possible; yet is strategic as it can be placed in the area of interest. At Valdosta State University, we have televisions located across the campus, with a heavy focus on areas highly utilized by students to share this content. Some content is applicable across campus, like information about Commencement or fee deadlines. Other content is specific to a location, so information about services offered by Odum Library would generally appear only in their building. Regardless, the goal is the same in that we want to make sure information that is relevant and of interest to students is effectively share with them.

The Office of Strategic Communications will have a form available on their website for content submission.  

If the content is appropriate for signage outside of your department, it can be displayed on other signs. For example, if the Division of Information Technology were to design content for signage in residence halls to help residents connect to the wireless network, they could request that it be placed there.

The Office of Strategic Communications will review, approve, and publish content 3 times per business day. However, please note that content must be prioritized in order to keep slideshow lengths short enough. As a result, it is strongly recommended for groups like student organizations to submit requests at least 2 weeks in advance of when they need their content published.

The Office of Strategic Communications will provide a PowerPoint template for you to plug your text and images into. In the longer term, once the initial deployment is complete, they will look into ways to expand available format templates to offer more flexibility in content design. 

 If your department identifies a location for digital signage, please contact the Solutions Center (229-245-4357 in your web browser) to make a recommendation. Please note that there is an associated budget approval process.


The new system does not maintain an archive of files after the content is removed from signage. As a result, we strongly suggest maintaining a backup yourself if you feel you will edit and re-use content at a later date. For information on file storage/backup/sharing options offered by VSU, please visit: 


Unfortunately, previously created content is not recoverable. However, the templates offered in our new system by the Office of Strategic Communications will help expedite re-creating signage.