What To Do

Get to a safe place

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, the first priority is to get to a safe location.

Contact the police

It is recommended that, following a sexual assault, the police be contacted as soon as possible.

Contacting the police does not commit or obligate the survivor to having the assault investigated or prosecuted, or to having police contact the alleged assailant.  The survivor can make those choices later.  Nor will contacting the police subject the survivor to judgmental scrutiny or opinions from officers.

Rather, contacting the police will:

  • Ensure that a survivor of sexual assault receives the necessary medical treatment, tests and prophylactic care (including for many sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, if desired), at no expense to the survivor;
  • Within a time frame, provide the opportunity for collection and preservation of forensic evidence, including a free Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) exam.  Undergoing a SANE exam does not obligate or commit the survivor to having an investigation conducted or to pressing charges.  The evidence collected will be held and the survivor can make those choices at a later time.  Ideally, a survivor should not wash, douche, use the toilet, or change clothing prior to a SANE exam being conducted.  However, valuable evidence can still be collected even after one or more of these things has occurred.
  • Assure that the survivor has access to free, confidential advocates specifically trained in the area of sexual assault crisis intervention and support.


Valdosta State University Police Department at (229) 333-7816. Website

Valdosta Police Department (229) 242-2606

Remerton Police Department (229) 247-2320

Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office (229) 671-2900


Obtain medical care

Whether or not the police are called, the survivor is encouraged to obtain medical care in order to determine if any physical injuries occurred and to receive, if desired prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.  Medical providers in the Valdosta, Georgia area include:


Valdosta State University Student Health Center

200 Georgia Ave.

Valdosta, GA 31698

(229) 219-3200


South Georgia Medical Center

2501 North Patterson St.

Valdosta, GA 31602

(229) 433-1000


Lowndes County Health Department

206 South Patterson St.

Valdosta, GA 31601

(229) 333-5257 


The Haven

(229) 244-1765 or 1800-33HAVEN

P.O. Box 5382 Valdosta, GA 31603



Connect with counseling and support resources

Sexual assault can be a very traumatic experience that may cause the survivor to experience a wide range of thoughts and emotions, even long after the assault occurs.  There are resources available to support a survivor at any point in the aftermath of an assault.

Confidential counseling is offered on-campus at: 

The Counseling Center

Powell Hall East – 2nd Floor

(229) 333-5940


Support services also available through the following resource:


Campus Recreation – Wellness and Prevention Programs

1300 Sustella Ave.

Valdosta, GA 31698



Notify the Office of Social Equity/Title IX Coordinator

Office of Social Equity

1208 North Patterson St.

Valdosta, GA 31698



Title IX Coordinator: Dr. Maggie Viverette

Deputy Coordinators: Jennifer Grubbs (Athletics) and Ernest Smith (Human Resources)

Information provided above obtained from The University of Georgia