The purpose of the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) shall be to make recommendations regarding Mandatory Student Fees and oversee and manage the allocation and use of the student activity fee funds as an advisory board to the University President.  In accordance with the Board of Regents Policy (Board Policy institutions must have a fee committee; composed of at least fifty percent (50%) students, except in special circumstances when a general purpose fee is instituted system-wide by the Board of Regents.

Valdosta State University's Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee consists of a majority students appointed by the Student Government Association with concerted effort to include broad representation among the students appointed to the committee.  This committee is chaired by the Vice President for Student Affairs as delegation by the President.

Student Activity Fees at VSU are reviewed and allocated in three different ways:

  1. Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee - Fall Meeting (Fee Funded Departmental Allocation)   University Departments and building projects that are funded by a set fee amount must present their budget each year to the SAFAC and provide evidence of efficient and responsible use of student fees.  At this time, any proposed increase, decrease, or repurpose of a student fee amount must be presented, discussed, and voted in favor by the committee to recommend any changes to the University President and Board of Regents.
  2. Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee - Spring Meeting (Large Allocation)   The SAFAC meets each Spring to hear proposals to fund eligible departments and organizations that historically receive large allocations greater than $1,000 total for the year.  Each department or organization invited must present a detailed budget for review by the Committee and provide evidence of efficient and responsible use of student fees.  Funding for a prior year does not guarantee funding for future years and the amount requested may be more or less than what is actually allocated by the Committee.  If any organization is not funded through this one-time process, they are eligible to request funds from the Student Government Association.
  3. Student Government Blazer Allocation Committee - Fall and Spring semester (Small Allocation)   At the Spring meeting of the SAFAC a large allocation of funds is provided to the Student Government Association to allocate throughout the upcoming Fall and Spring semester to any student organization and individual student that meets the requirements of the Blazer Allocation Committee process.  These awards are less than $1,000 total for the year to any one organization or individual with the intent of making more funds available throughout the year to a greater number of students.