Request a Foreign Language Course Substitution for Admission (Due to Disability)

Students with disabilities who were approved for a Foreign Language course substitution at the high school level may petition for of a substitution for admissions. In order to do so, the student should complete the following form and attach or send documentation of disability and any records to confirm the accommodation at the high school level (e.g., IEP) to support the request. Once all necessary documentation is received, the petition will be sent to the Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD) for review. Students will be notified of the decision within 6 weeks from the date all necessary documents are received. In the event that the RCLD review supports the course substitution, the Office of Admissions will also be notified. Board of Regents Policy regarding the Foreign Language Requirement for Admission:

If the petition is approved, the student will be allowed to satisfy the RHSC foreign language requirement by substituting another type of course. The approval of a petition for substitution does not waive the requirement.

Approval of a petition for a course substitution for the RHSC foreign language requirement does not extend to the foreign language requirements of certain degree programs at the University level. Students must submit a separate petition, following their institution’s standard procedures for modifications to program requirements, to request a course substitution for foreign language coursework required for a specific program of study or degree.

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