Professor of Sociology
Ph.D. (Sociology), University of Connecticut, 2011
Merit Page:
Office: (229) 333-5483
Nevins Hall: 1003
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Dr. Thomas Hochschild

My primary teaching and research interests include urban sociology, community, community service, social psychology, deviance, and social stratification. While I enjoy doing research, and have published several papers in peer-reviewed journals, my primary passion is teaching. What I enjoy most about teaching is helping students find a sociological issue that moves them personally, and then working with them to develop the analytical and research skills to more fully understand and address the issue. To that end, I believe it is important to engage students with out-of-classroom activities whenever possible. For example, I often provide service-learning opportunities so that students can learn and reflect on sociological issues while providing service to the community. Through in-class instruction and experiential learning, these students acquire the theoretical knowledge, methodological proficiency, cultural competency, and leadership skills essential to become effective agents for positive social change.