SOCI 6000 Sociology of Mental Health 3 hours

Introduces students to the history and causes of mental illness as well as the language of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The relationship between mental illness and the major sociological variables, such as social class, race, gender, age, and marital status will be analyzed. Students will evaluate mental illness from the institutional and client points of view.

SOCI 6200 Sociology of Organizations 3 hours

Prerequisites: Admission to the program. A sociological analysis of complex organizations. Course foci include theories and concepts in such areas as bureaucracy, power, authority, and organizational culture.

SOCI 6700 Family Sociology 3 hours

The social context of contemporary issues facing families. Includes family history, cross-cultural issues, and research and theory regarding changing gender roles, family violence and abuse, divorce, single parenting, work and families, sexual orientation, non-traditional families, and other relevant issues.

*SOCI 7011 Sociology in Applied Settings 3 hours

Prerequisite: Admission to the program or permission of the instructor. Exploration of the use of sociology on both the micro and macro levels. Special emphasis is placed on the use of sociological theory and methods to work with clients, organizations, and communities as well as the ethical concerns raised by working with people.

*SOCI 7012 Sociological Theory 3 hours

Prerequisites: Successful completion of undergraduate sociological theory course or permission of the instructor. An analysis of contemporary sociological theory. Emphasis on the relationship between theory and research, micro, meso, and macro linkages. Application of theory to understanding social problems and social policy.

*SOCI 7021 Statistical Applications in Sociology 3 hours

Prerequisite: Successful completion of undergraduate statistics course or permission of the instructor. Evaluation of social statistics and data management for applied research problems. Students will use computers to build data files, explore archival datasets, and prepare written analyses of research problems. Students will gain skills in determining which statistics to use for particular research problems and designs, which statistics provide the most practical means for reading and interpreting data, and what computer software is available to facilitate data analysis in sociology. [Requires time in the computer laboratory.]

*SOCI 7022 Research Methods 3 hours

Prerequisite: Successful completion of an undergraduate statistics course and the successful completion of an undergraduate social science research course. Survey of qualitative and quantitative methodologies in the discipline of sociology. Students will develop skills by hands-on data analysis when appropriate. [Requires time in the computer laboratory.]

*SOCI 7050 Class, Gender & Ethnic Issues in Applied Settings 3 hours 
An in-depth study of the sensitivities needed by sociologists and other social science practitioners to the issues of social class, gender, and ethnicity. A multicultural perspective is to be developed by each student.

**SOCI 7100 Issues in Applied Sociology 3 hours

SOCI 7500 Development in the Family System 3 hours

Also offered as MFTH 7500. Application of the developmental approach to the study of the family and the individual, with an emphasis on the family life cycle. Each of the stages of family development from courtship to the death of the last mate will be examined.

**SOCI 7800 Sociological Practice 3 hours

Prerequisite: Successful completion of comprehensive examination for the M.S. degree in Sociology. Taken twice for credit. Field placement site must be approved by course instructor. Students will integrate sociological knowledge and practice experience during their placement in a field setting. Major integrative paper will be required.

SOCI 8010 Sociology of Education 3 hours

A study of education as a social institution with an emphasis on an analysis of theory and research relating social factors to academic performance and attitudes.

SOCI 9010 Sociological Analysis of Education 3 hours

A sociological analysis of education as a social institution and as setting for social interaction, to include such topics such as social stratification, gender, ethnicity, race, social organization, social change, cultural diversity, group dynamics, religion, and leadership. Case studies will be used to emphasize the relationship between sociological theory and educational practices.

SOCI 9070 Culture of Formal Work Organizations 3 hours

Also offered as PADM 9070. The study of organizational culture and methods of changing culture in public and nonprofit organizations. The impact of culture on organizational behavior will be discussed.


*Denotes a course that is required for the MS Sociology Degree as part of the core curriculum.

** Denotes a course that is required for the MS Sociology Degree but is not part of the core curriculum.