Sociological Toolkit

Successful completion of the M.S. program means that students should be able to:

  • conceptualize problems and brainstorm solutions

  • convey analytical and empirical information in appropriate and practical forms

  • apply sociological theories to real world problems

  • design social research projects and run focus groups

  • make informed ethical decisions in regards to organizations, clients, and research

  • enter situations and analyze basic organizational and/or interpersonal patterns of interaction and structure

  • appreciate and understand quantitative data

  • apply descriptive statistical analysis to real world problems

  • use SPSS for statistical analysis

  • assess the culture of a client organization

  • conduct program evaluation and other forms of applied organizational research

  • use critical thinking skills

  • evaluate theory-based research

  • communicate effectively (i.e., excellent writing skills, excellent speaking skills, etc.)

  • work in groups

  • understand group dynamics

  • generate plans for change or implementation of changes in organizational settings and explain plans in terms of sociological and/or social science perspectives and research

  • organize or reorganize group and organizational settings so as to raise efficiency and effectiveness