On Campus and Online 

The faculty and staff of the Criminal Justice Program would like to thank you for your interest in the Criminal Justice Undergraduate program. The field of Criminal Justice is an exciting arena and our program at Valdosta State University aims to prepare students for any number of career opportunities open to Criminal Justice graduates. We offer students opportunities to take an in-depth look at the Criminal Justice field through up-to-date teaching techniques that appeal to all learning styles. Our experienced faculty and staff guides students through class-room interaction while also remaining extremely approachable and able to answer questions outside of the traditional classroom environment. Students are also encouraged to work with faculty to perform undergraduate research in a multitude of areas, which would prepare them for a future in either law school or graduate school. Our most valuable asset remains our commitment to providing students with the skills necessary to achieving and maintaining the highest level of competitiveness in the Criminal Justice field.

-Valdosta State Criminal Justice Program