LIMIT ON COURSE WITHDRAWALS (5 “W” POLICY) For undergraduate students only

Effective Fall 2010, all undergraduate students are limited to five course withdrawal (“W”) grades for their entire enrollment at Valdosta State University. Once a student has accumulated five “W” grades, all subsequent withdrawals (whether initiated by the student in BANNER or initiated by the instructor on the proof roll) will be recorded as “WF.” The grade of “WF” is calculated as an “F” for GPA purposes.

The limit on withdrawals does not apply if a student withdraws from all classes in a given semester before the mid-term point of the semester. The following types of withdrawals do not count against the limit of five course withdrawal (“W”) grades:

  • Hardship withdrawals
  • Medical or mental health withdrawals
  • Military withdrawals
  • Grades of “WF”
  • Withdrawals taken in semesters before Fall Semester 2010
  • Withdrawals taken at other institutions

Transfer students, regardless of their classification upon enrolling at Valdosta State University, are also limited to five withdrawals at Valdosta State University.