Students are required to complete Online Orientation prior to registering for online classes. The purpose of online orientation is to ensure students are adequately prepared for completing University level courses in an online format. Certain skills with technology are required for online study. In addition, online orientation will help inform students of University Resources that are available to them throughout their University experience.


ADVISING:  Students must be advised at least two weeks before registration by contacting the Advising Center, Ashley Hall Room 1001 or by phone 229-245-4378.

REGISTRATION:  Registration deadlines can be found on the academic calendars posted by Academic Affairs. In addition, students should check their VSU emails for updates from the Registrar.

OVERRIDES:  Students must also contact the Advising Center if the following issues regarding student overrides occur: 

  • pre-requisite error (PREQ) while the class has not been filled
  • if attempting to register for a 2nd 4700 class.  
  • if a student is accepted into the program after the early registration period has ended

Students should include the following information in an email regarding overrides:

  • Name
  • Student ID (870)
  • Phone
  • Year at time of registration:  Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
  • Course (Abbreviated, #, and Section)
  • Number
  • Reason for Request:  Prerequisite flag (PREQ),  Class full,  Other (please specify)
  • Term

* If current online students are trying to be overridden into a class that is already full and they are registering late because they did not follow aforementioned guidelines, an override WILL NOT be granted. 

General Information


Online Orientation: (contact online program advisor for information regarding orientation)

Program Advisor: Thibault Deneve

Ashley Hall 1001
PHONE: 229-253-2847