Advising Information

This site provides information to students about the advising process in the Political Science Department. See the other VSU sites linked from the bottom of this page for more information on advising.

Advising Schedules and Procedures

For any advising questions or needs you may have, please write to the email alias, cohssadvising@valdosta.eduThe advising center is located in the CHSS Advising Center in Ashley Hall.

In the future, we will have multiple advisors available to help you with degree and schedule planning.  

Political Science Degree

Political Science Course Descriptions
Checklist for the Core and Major

Legal Assistant Studies Degree

Legal Assistant Studies Course Descriptions
Checklist for Core & Major (prior 2013)
Checklist for Core & Major (post 2013)

LEAS Prerequisite Requirements

LEAS 1100 - Introduction to Paralegalism An introduction to the field of paralegalism. The course will include the role of the paralegal in the legal system, the regulation and ethics of practice and the skills necessary for successful practice.

LEAS 4700 - Directed Study in Legal Assistant Studies Prerequisite: Legal Assistant Studies major and LEAS 1100.

LEAS 4900 - Internship in Legal Assistant Studies Prerequisite: Legal Assistant Studies major, LEAS 1100 and LEAS 3200.

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