The Spanish for Professionals Certificate offers instruction through task-based communicative projects. Designed for the intermediate-mid to high-level student, courses in the certificate prepare students for successful communication in the Spanish-speaking professional world. This program builds on students’ grammatical and vocabulary knowledge while emphasizing the application of Spanish within a professional setting. 

The program is a stand alone certificate program that is offered online. Course work requirements consist of 18 credit hours. Courses will be offered each semester as determined by enrollment. Both currently enrolled students in all majors, and prospective non-degree seeking students are eligible. Majors in the Social Sciences including Law Enforcement, Social Work, Nursing and Business are encouraged to enroll in this certificate program. Majors in the Foreign Languages at VSU, may also take this certificate as an add-on to their degree program, but may not substitute courses within the major. Students currently enrolled as a minor in Foreign Language may also take this certificate or substitute elective courses.

The certificate is offered to all VSU, CCGA, and Clayton State students online. Courses are taught in the collaborative platform GoVIEW, but students register for them in their own institution’s Banner.

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Samantha Powell 
Senior Administrative Secretary 
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For students who are not currently enrolled at VSU visit the Admissions Page and the Online Readiness page at eLearning.

For currently enrolled students at VSU visit Online Readiness and Blazeview Students Guide at eLearning to find out more about registering for online courses.

Program Courses and Requirements

SPAN 2001 (if needed)

0-3 hours

SPAN 2002 (if needed)

0-3 hours

SPAN 3012 Applied Spanish Conversation

3 hours

SPAN 3014 Language, Culture and Adv. Conversation

3 hours

SPAN 4500 Profession-Related Practicum or Study Abroad

3 hours

Total hours required for the Certificate

9-15 hours

All courses associated with this certificate are offered online.

Selected Educational Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Build proficiency in the Spanish language with emphasis upon speaking and listening within the context of the many cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

  2. Speak Spanish in professional situations that require knowledge of the specialized vocabulary and task-based protocols needed within a specific profession.

  3. Achieve at least an intermediate mid to intermediate high ACTFL proficiency level.

A grade of “C” or better is required in each course.