The Department of Modern and Classical Languages (MCL) offers two major programs with two tracks:  A B.A. with a Language and Culture Track, and a B.A. In Foreign Language Education (FLED). Both of these tracks are offered with degrees in Spanish or French.

MCL also offers a minor in Spanish and French as well as a certificate (18 hours) in Latin American Studies, Spanish for Professionals (SFP), and Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL). Students, who are taking the FLED track, can complete the 9 hour endorsement in TESOL as part of their teacher certification program.  All other students may take the certificate of 18 hours as a standalone certificate in TESOL.

MCL and the Center for International Programs (CIP) also offer other courses that students may take to meet their language requirement. UP to 12 credit hours are offered in most courses including Latin, German, Russian, and Japanese. Other courses may offer up to 12 hours or may be substituted in the language requirement. These courses include: Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic.