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Master of Arts In Teaching In Education - Foreign Language Education (French or Spanish)

  • Total Credit Hours: 36
  • Degree Format: Online

About this field

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Education – Foreign Language Education (FLED) (French or Spanish). The MAT in Education with a concentration in FLED is a 36 semester hour, fifth-year program beyond the bachelor’s degree in which candidates may earn a master’s degree (MAT) and become eligible for initial teaching certification in French or Spanish. Successful candidates may receive the ESOL endorsement for certified teachers. This program can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

The MAT is for candidate seeking initial certification only! Teachers with current certification in any subject matter are not suitable for this program.

The MAT in Education – FLED can be completed on a fully online basis. 

Program Coordinator

Dr. Ransom Gladwin
Email: rgladwin@valdosta.edu
Phone: 229-333-5948

Admission Deadlines

  • Summer Semester: March 15
  • Spring Semester: November 15
  • Fall Semester: July 15

Graduation Requirements

  1. Candidates must complete an application for graduation one semester prior to their anticipated graduation date.
  2. A 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) is required for graduation. No grade below a “C” will be credited toward the degree.

Program Retention, Dismissal, and Readmission

  1. The maximum time allowed for completion of the master’s degree is seven calendar years.  No work completed more than seven years prior to degree completion will be accepted toward the degree, except with special permission from the candidate’s advisor, the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, and approval from the Dean of the Graduate School.
  2. No more than 9 semester hours of academic work may be transferred from another institution into the MAT Education - FLED.  Transfer credit will be evaluated by the academic department after the student is admitted. To be eligible, credit must be no more than seven years old prior to completion of the degree.
  3. Earning grades below “B” in graduate courses will result in the following consequences: students will be dismissed from the Graduate School if they accumulate three or more academic deficiency points unless otherwise indicated by individual program policy. A grade of “C” (although it may be credited toward a degree) equals one deficiency point. A grade of “D,” “WF” or “F,” or “U” (none of which will be credited toward a degree) equals two deficiency points. 
  4. If dismissed from the program, a student must not be enrolled for a minimum of two semesters.  Application for readmission by be initiated during the second semester.  Readmission is not guaranteed, and prior academic performance and student conduct/disposition in the program will be considered. The academic program reserves the right to place specific conditions and contingencies on any offer of readmission.
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