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  • What is the endorsement?

    Answer: The English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement accredits pre-service or in-service teachers, speech and language pathologists, or school counselors to teach English to speakers of other languages in the public schools of Georgia. It is reciprocal with many other states. If you’re thinking about teaching in other states, check the state professional standards commission for reciprocity requirements.

  • What is the difference between ESOL certification, the ESOL endorsement and the TESOL certificate?


    • ESOL Endorsement: described above and is primarily for teachers serving P-12 students as an add on to an existing certification. This is a 3 course series: ESOL 4010/6010, ESOL 4020/6020, and ESOL 4030/6030.  

    • ESOL Certification: is obtained through the ESOL MAT and is a primary certification to teach ESOL in P-12 schools.

    • TESOL Certificate: this is a stand-alone certificate granted by Valdosta State University’s Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Graduates have used this credentialing to teach overseas. This is a 6 course series: ESOL 4010/6010, ESOL 4020/6020, and ESOL 4030/6030, ESOL 4040/6040, ESOL 4050/6050, and ESOL 4060/6060. *This certificate alone does NOT qualify you to teach in a U.S. public school.

  • I am in the MAT FLED program, but I want to be able to teach ESOL. If I am interested in being able to teach ESOL, should I pursue the ESOL endorsement or the ESOL certification?

    Answer: The MAT FLED program has the ESOL endorsement embedded as part of the curriculum, so you do not need to pursue the endorsement or certification.

  • I’m not a VSU student. Can I pursue the endorsement?

    Answer: Unless you are enrolled in the E-Languages Collaborative program, non-VSU students cannot pursue the endorsement. However, the TESOL certificate is available to non-VSU students.
  • I currently live out of the country, how will field observation placements work for me?

    Answer: Right now, the College of Education and Human Services cannot offer field observation placements out of the country.
  • I currently live out of the state, how will field observation placements work for me?

    AnswerYes, the College of Education and Human Services will accept out-of-state placements as long as a student can identify 3-5 field experience sites. Students will work with their professors and the placement coordinator to verify these sites.
  • I plan on moving to New York when I graduate. Will the endorsement be accepted there?

    Answer: It depends on the state. Some states have direct reciprocity while others require more than the ESOL endorsement required in Georgia.
  • I’m taking ESOL over the summer and I’m currently an ESOL student in the Spring. Can I complete the hours of observation for my summer classes ahead of time?

    Answer: You need to wait until the class starts and be in close contact with your professor regarding completing hours of observation ahead of time.
  • How do non-VSU students handle LiveText?

    Answer: See above.These students would need to be enrolled in the E-Languages Collaborative Program.
  • If I obtain the ESOL Endorsement as an undergraduate, can I return and take the remaining three courses for the ESOL Certificate as a graduate student (without having to retake the three endorsement courses)?

    Answer: Yes. If you have obtained the ESOL endorsement as an undergrad and decide you would like to complete the required courses to earn the ESOL certificate, then you may take those remaining three after graduation without having to retake the endorsement courses.

  • How do I validate my ESOL Endorsement?

    Answer: After securing a position with a public school, you will need to go to your school’s Human Resources department, and they will contact VSU. From there, VSU will contact GaPSC, and they will share your information to register your ESOL endorsement.  
  • Will my ESOL endorsement or my TESOL certificate be displayed on my diploma or transcript?

    Answer: The ESOL endorsement and TESOL certificate will NOT be displayed on your diploma nor your transcript as a separate credential. However, the Department of Modern and Classical Languages will grant a signed certificate upon request.
  • Does the MAT award T-5 certification or something higher (because it is at the graduate level)?

    Answer: Upon program completion and recommendation of certification by VSU, an unemployed completer without any other prior certification in Georgia would receive a certificate of eligibility until hired by a school system in Georgia. Once hired, that certificate converts to a professional induction pathway 4 (IN4T) certificate at a level 5. If the completer already has a provisional certificate in Georgia (IN1T), then upon program completion and recommendation by VSU the certificate is converted to a IN4T at a level 5.
  • Case Study Question: Does my informant have to be over 18 years old?

    Answer: Yes. Unless you are a practicing teacher, then consult with your professor.  

  • Case Study Question: I’m taking more than one ESOL class. Do I have to put all of my field observation hours on one sheet?

    Answer: You may have them on one sheet but it is optional.
  • Case Study Question: I’m taking more than one ESOL class. Can I interview the same person for both of my Case Study papers?

    Answer: You can use the same informant, but the focus of the case study papers must be specific to the class objectives.
  • Can I exempt the GACE Basic Skills Exam Program Assessment Assessment Requirement?

    Answer: You may be eligible to exempt the GACE Basic Skills Exam Program Admission Assessment Requirement by using passing SAT, GRE, or ACT scores. In order to document GACE Program Admission Assessment exemption for state certification requirements, applications may submit official scores upon application that meet the following thresholds on the following exams:

    • GRE taken before August 2011: 1030 (Verbal + Quantitative)

    • GRE taken August 2011 or later: 297 (Verbal + Quantitative)

    • SAT: 1000 (Verbal + Quantitative)

    • ACT: 43 (English + Math)

      • SAT and ACT scores may be documented by official high school transcripts, official college transcript with scores posted, or an official
        score report from the testing service.

  • What is considered a passing score for the GACE Basic Skills Exam in order to be eligible for MAT FLED or MAT ESOL program admission?

    Answer: Applicants must make a passing score of 250 on the GACE.