National Residence Hall Honorary

What is the NRHH?

NRHH stands for the National Residence Hall Honorary. It's an exclusive organization whose primary purpose is to recognize leaders in residence halls in colleges across the country. NRHH serves as a branch of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, or NACURH, which believes that rewarding outstanding individuals creates an environment in which Residence Halls thrive.

How does it work?

The organization is a national one which has multiple levels of leadership in order to be more effective. The most significant level is established on university campuses through the creation of chapters. These chapters identify and recognize top leaders on their campus by inducting them into the chapter. This membership is restricted to only 1% of total students living in the residence halls on campus. It is to be noted that members, once inducted, are considered to be in the top 1% of residence hall leaders in the country.

How did NRHH begin?

In 1964, NACURH was experiencing a period of financial difficulties. The chairman of the organization, Jim Tschechtelin, began investigating possibilities for revenue sources and the acquisition of grants. The grants were found but there were two requirements: a central office needed to be created, and member schools needed more services rendered. NRHH was created in Spring of 1964 in order to fulfill this second requirement. During this preliminary stage, NRHH focused on the merging of old with new. On campuses that already had honorary organizations, they were contacted and subsequently annexed into the NRHH structure. The organization steadily gained members over the years and has grown into an entity that is recognized nationally and globally.

What is NRHH currently?

Today NRHH encompasses over 200 chapters which can be found through the NACURH Information Center. NRHH and NACURH have become more intertwined in corporate structure and they continue to push forward in their ideals. Chapters vary from campus to campus in the activities they participate in. Some only function as a purely honorary chapter that recognizes new members while others are extremely active on their campuses and the surrounding communities. These chapters manage to host leadership retreats, fundraisers, conferences, hall programs, and a wide range of other events.