Degree Information

Degree Checklist Prereq.Tree Sample Program
BS CS CS Checklist CS Tree CS Program
BS CS-CSec CS-CSec Checklist CS-CSec Tree CS-CSec Track
BS CIS CIS Checklist CIS Tree CIS Program
BS CIS-CSec CIS-CSec Checklist CIS-CSec Tree CIS-CSec Track
BS ET BS-ET Checklist
Minor in CS CS Minor Checklist
Minor in Math A CS major can earn a minor in Math with only 2 additional courses or a minor in Applied Statistics with the addition of 1 additional course. See Math Dept Advising page.

Course Rotation

Fall Semesters: CS 1000, CS 1010, CS 1301, CS 1302, CS 1340, CS 2620, CS 3101, CS 3200, CS 3335, CS 3410, CS 3700, CS 3750, CS 4121, CS 4321, CS 4500, 4884, & at least 1 CS 4xxx electives. Math* 3600, Math 4901

Spring Semesters: CS 1000, CS 1010, CS 1301, CS 1302, CS 1340, CS 2620, CS 3101, CS 3300, CS 3340, CS 3410, CS 3520, CS 4345, CS 4625, CS 4721, CS 4500, CS 4900, & at least 1 CS 4xxx electives. Math* 4651

Summer Semesters (subject to faculty availability and meeting minimum student enrollment numbers.): CS 1000, CS 2620, CS 3200, CS 3335, CS 3410, CS 4121, CS 4321, CS 4345, CS 4721. Math* 3600

* Math course rotations are from the Math Dept Advising page. Required Math courses for various CS/CIS degrees not listed above (1111, 1112, 1113, 1401, 2150, 2261, 2262) are offered Fall, Spring, & Summer.


The College of Science and Mathematics (CoSM) has a team of advisors for students with less than 60 credit hours. The advisors are as follows for last names beginning with:

A-E: Ashton Young (

F-K: Erica Almond (

L-Q: Thibault Deneve (

R-Z: Linda DeCarlo (

Faculty Advisors

For students with more than 60 credit hours for their undergraduate degree, you are assigned a faculty advisor. You may login to your Blazeview account to see your advisor, to schedule a meeting, etc. 


If you are enrolled in the eDegree program, your advisor is Lisa Flournoy ( For more information regarding online programs, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Computer Science & Engineering Technology (CSET) Department's Administrative Assistant Shadley Hurst by phone or email (229-253-4410; You may also contact the Main Campus Advising Department at 229-245-4378 or visit their website.

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