Academics:  It is very important to perform well academically in the freshman year.  The AT program has a GPA admission requirement of a 2.75.  Please be sure you are going to your classes, asking the instructor for assistance, attending study groups if available, seek out assistance in the Academic Support Center, Counseling Center, your Academic Advisor, and or Access Office.  As the student  you are responsible for seeking out the assistance you need to be successful.  

Observation (Admissions Requirement):  In the fall and spring semesters the first year student will be required to observe AT clinicians and students as part of HSAT 2050 and HSAT 3430.  These observation hours will take place between 1:00-5:30 M-F.  Please be sure to leave space in your schedule for observation.  For more information see the Observation link.  

Employment/Athletics/Other Activities:  

The ATP does not prohibit outside employment, participation in intercollegiate athletes, or other activities but those activities are secondary to the clinical education of the student.  Students need to make appropriate financial plans prior to enrolling in the program as having a job may not be feasible. Students are not prohibited from holding outside employment and/or function as a student athlete at Valdosta State University, but such activities may interfere with the student’s clinical assignments or their ability to complete coursework which often leads to a lack of success clinically and academically.