VSU ATP Admissions Requirements

Students declare the major in athletic training as enrolling freshmen and begin the application process to the program during the fall semester of their freshman year.  The admissions process requires two semesters and is completed after the spring semester.

Admission to the program is limited by the number of available clinical positions. Applicants will be accepted each year according to the criteria listed below.

1. Overall grade point average

A student must have a 2.75 overall grade point average (includes transferred coursework) after the completion of all prerequisite/application required coursework.

2. Course work

a. Completion of 24 semester hours

b.  A grade of “C” or better in HSAT 2050, HSAT 3430, and HSAT 4300

3. Directed Observation

a. Rotations at various clinical education facilities fall and spring semester (number of rotations indicated in the syllabi for HSAT 2050 and HSAT 3430)

b. Skills test 

4. Interview (end of spring semester)

5. Favorable recommendations from three non-familial sources

6. Completion of required admissions paperwork, to include criminal background check (as a part of HSAT 2050)

7. Ability to provide own transportation to clinical education sites

8. Official Transcript

9. Hepatitis B vaccine inoculation or signed waiver

10.  Documentation of  required immunizations

11.  Attendance at specified OSHA training and adherence to OSHA regulations

12.  Ability to meet the published technical standards of the program

Disclaimer: Fulfillment of the eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.


VSU ATP Retention Requirements

1.Students must have the following in order to participate in academic and/or clinical components of the program:

a. Maintained an overall minimum GPA of 2.75. Students whose overall GPA falls below 2.75 will be placed on probation for one semester meaning that the student would not be able to participate in the clinical education portion of the academic program.

b. Obtained student liability insurance annually.

c. Obtained the Hepatitis B Vaccine inoculation or signed waiver.

d. Completed a pre-participation physical and passed annually.

e. Attended OSHA training and abide by all OSHA regulations.

f. Able to meet the published technical standards of the program.

2. Students will be dismissed for any of the following reasons:

a. Overall GPA falling below 2.75 and inability to achieve this requirement after one semester of probation.

b. Overall GPA falling below 2.75 a second time (once accepted into the program).

c. Receiving two final course grades below a "C" in any major courses.

d. Any violation provided in the program's policy and procedure manuals that result in dismissal.

3. Technical Standards

The VSU Athletic Training Education Program has specific technical standards that must be mastered prior to admission into the program. The Standards can be found in the undergraduate catalog on in the links on the Left.