Prospective Students

The VSU ATP has a selective admission process; meaning that after being admitted to VSU the student must begin the admissions process for the program. The admissions process begins in the fall semester of the student’s freshman year and ends at the completion of the spring semester of the student’s freshman year. In the fall semester, students enroll in HSAT 2050. In HSAT 2050, students begin the admissions process. Specific admissions material is required in the course. In the spring semester, eligible students enroll in HSAT 3430 and HSAT 4300. Additional admissions requirements are required during this semester. The admissions process is a two semester process. By the end of the student’s freshman year (or by a specific time/date as dictated by courses) a student may be eligible for admissions. (Please see the Admissions Requirements, Retention Requirements, and Transfer Policy.) Students take CORE classes beginning in the fall semester of the student’s freshman year and the student continues taking them each semester until that are successfully completed.

In the fall semester of the student’s sophomore year, the student has a clinical class; however the student is not placed in a clinical education rotation/experience until the student’s second semester in the program. Athletic Training Students’ clinical education rotations/experiences occur in a variety of settings that include, but are not limited to the following: college/university, high school, general medical, and outpatient orthopedic clinics. Clinical education rotations/experiences allow for upper and lower extremity injury exposure, exposure to equipment intensive activities, exposure to patients/clients of various ages, gender, socioeconomic statuses, and cultures. During the clinical education experience, students will be required to report to their clinical education rotation/experience daily during the semester. Students may be required to report to their clinical education rotation/experience before the beginning of classes and after the completion of classes as deemed necessary. Clinical education rotations/experiences typically require your time some evenings, weekends, and school breaks. Outside jobs, second majors or minor, coursework, etc., that conflict with your clinical education rotation/experience will require approval from the Program Director and your Preceptor and may not be allowed in some circumstances. Once admitted into the program, students will complete six semesters of academic work and five semesters of clinical education rotations/experiences. The academic, clinical, and athletic sections of the program’s policy and procedure manual provide additional detailed information.

The program is designed to be a four year undergraduate program. Students that successfully matriculate through the required academic and clinical education rotations/experiences will complete the program in four years. Students that do not successfully matriculate through the required academic and clinical education rotations will be unable to complete the program in four years.

If you are planning to or would like to visit the campus and meet with the Program Director (which we highly recommend), please communicate with him in advance of your arrival so that he can schedule a time to meet that works with his class schedule, office hours, etc. Unfortunately, on unannounced visits, the faculty may not be able to meet with you. The Admissions Office can also assist in arranging a meeting; however, scheduling a visit with the Admission Office does not mean a corresponding appointment with an AT faculty member has been scheduled also. These are separate appointments.  Please complete the contact form and contact the Program Director about your interest in the program, upcoming visits to campus, or any questions you have about the program.

We appreciate your interest in the Valdosta State University Athletic Training Program. We would be happy to provide you further information and/or assist you in scheduling a campus visit. We will respond as quickly as possible. Thank You.

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