CONHS Advising Center

CONHS SPARC:  Student Performance and Retention Center



The Academic Support Center acts as a compass to help students navigate their college careers and get a bearing on success through tutoring, advising, and on-campus job opportunities.  Tutoring, studying assistance.


Students should contact the Office of Student Affairs if the student will be missing class for an extended period of time.  

Access Office (location – Farbar Hall):

The mission of the Access Office is to create an accessible, inclusive, sustainable learning environment, in which disability is recognized as an aspect of diversity that is integral to the campus community and to society. Some examples of the services available to eliminate barriers include classroom and testing accommodations, materials in alternate formats, and access to adaptive technology.

Counseling Center (location – Powell Hall East, 2nd floor; phone: 229-333-5940): 

The Counseling Center provides a broad range of mental health services to the university community aimed at maximizing the personal growth and development of its members. These services are free of charge.

Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Education (location – Powell Hall East, 1st floor; phone 229-259-5111):

The Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Education is dedicated to taking a pro-active approach in addressing the issue of substance use/abuse among the VSU community and its potential impact on academic, professional, and social development.

STUDENT HEALTH CENTER (phone 229-333-5886; appointments 229-219-3200):

The Student Health Center is a department within the Division of Auxiliary Services.  Services are available to all currently enrolled full-time students who are taking four, or more, semester hours and who have paid the health fee. 


Academic Advising: (log in, click on “Student and Financial Aid,” and then on “Student Information.”

Registration, Withdrawal from Courses Policy, Change in Major Program, Absence Regulations, Auditing Classes, Final Examinations, Grading Systems, Academic Renewal Policy, Academic Probation and Suspension, Student Records, Transient Student Enrollment, Academic Dishonesty: (Refer to Undergraduate Catalog or visit VSU website.)

APPEALS AND GRIEVANCES: (The student will refer to University and/or College of Nursing and Health Sciences policy.)

BLAZER PANTRY: It's mission is to provide food for students who are in need of support.  Office of Student Life Student Life, Student Union, 3rd Floor 



*For additional University information and assistance programs see the Undergraduate Catalog or visit