1. Student Professional Liability Insurance (required annually): approximate cost $20

2. Criminal Background, Immunization, Drug Tests, uploaded copy of CPR/AED Professional Rescue/Oxygen certification (via PreCheck and/or Immunization Tracker): approximately $125 (must be completed by deadline provided by Program Director) (Note: The estimated price listed is a possible expense. Sufficient notice will be given if the student is required to pay.)

3. HSAT 2050 lab fee (required for lab material during the course): approximate cost $40 (Note: This cost is a separate cost that is paid directly to the VSU Bursary by the student by the date provided in the HSAT 2050 syllabus)

4. Clothing (required; total cost dependent on number of items purchased) (Students do not have to purchase all items.) Items required for clinical education sites typically include Gray clinical T-shirts, a Game shirt, and Black shorts.

* Gray clinical T-shirt (approximately $7 each)

* Game shirt (approximately $26 each)

* Black Shorts (approximately $11 and $16 each)

* Long sleeve shirt (approximately $9 each)

* Note: the student must purchase new clothing items if current clothing appears unprofessional (i.e. stains, tears, etc.)

5. Textbook / Technology Resource cost: dependent on course textbook requirements and technology resource costs (up to approximately $155 per year for technology resource cost) (information should be available via Banner, emailed information to student, and/or course syllabus) (Technology Resource/software for clinical education courses is required)

6. CPR/AED Professional Rescue (CPRO) / Oxygen certification obtained through an organization approved by the BOC: (required upon admission and then before certification expires) (must provide a signed scanned copy of the front and back of the card to the Program Director by the deadline provided by the Program Director: Student is responsible for initial and recertification expense. (cost determined by certification agency)

7. Travel to clinical education experience sites: gas, basic car maintenance (required and dependent upon location of preceptor to whom a student is assigned) (Distance for clinical education sites could be up to 100 miles round trip from VSU.)

8. Miscellaneous clothing cost: dress casual, dress shirts, dress pants, coat, tie, dresses, dress shoes are required for certain aspects of the program. (i.e. dress attire for student presentations, dress attire for guest speakers, dress attire for conferences, dress attire for interviews, dress attire for certain clinical education experience rotations, etc.).

9. Tuition/Housing/Meals/etc.: dependent on individual student options

10. NATA student membership (not required): approximate cost $100

11. Miscellaneous Clinical Education Experience costs: site specific costs (i.e. blood work, updated criminal background check, immunization titer, etc.) The student will be notified that the expense is required pending clinical education assignment.

12. Items above involve approximate costs. Additional costs may be required. The ATP will inform the student as soon as possible regarding unforeseen expenses related to the program.