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Title II Resolution

An annual process whereby pass rate data calculated by the GaPSC are obtained and verified by the EPP. The EPP is required to ensure all candidates who meet specific criteria are reported and the EPP must approve program and EPP pass rates before the conclusion of this resolution period.


Title II/Higher Education Opportunities Act (HEOA) Institutional and Program Report Card (IPRC)

This federally-mandated report ensures teacher preparation programs are providing quality programs that prepare candidates with appropriate training to effectively teach diverse populations and integrate technology in the classroom. Data such as admissions criteria, enrollment, average supervised clinical practice hours, faculty, and program completers are collected.

April 30

GaPSC Program Reporting System (PRS) Report

A report submitted when a program needs approval from the GaPSC, this report is not completed annually and instead is submitted when the COEHS is reviewed by CAEP for reaccreditation. Data collected for this report are similar to the EPP Data Use of Program Improvement reports submitted annually and pertain to key assessments used by programs to monitor student success for continuous improvement.

October (if applicable)

Title II Verification

An annual report required by the federal government and used to collect information on students who completed or are enrolled in a teacher preparation program. This report is a comprehensive report on teacher candidate enrollment, progression, and completion and the results of this report allow the federal and state government to collect additional information to provide stakeholders on teacher candidate performance. Data are collected through a student information portal created by the GaPSC and maintained by the EPP.


Traditional Program Management System (TPMS)

In 2013, the GaPSC began requiring EPPs to continually maintain educator preparation program enrollment, clinical practice, and completion information in their secure portal. Candidate data are created and updated to meet GaPSC educator preparation rules 505-3-.01 and 505-3-.02.

Throughout the year

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Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Data Use for Strategic Program Improvement

An annual internal report developed by the EPP that provides a mechanism for systematic collection and analysis of assessment data at both the EPP and program level. Completed via a collaboration with program coordinators and the PES office, these results are used to generate program level action plans as part of the continuous improvement process.

May for EPP, September for EPP programs

Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) Assessment Data

An annual data collection process where GACE pass rates for the fiscal year are aggregated for use in various reports at the departmental, college, state, and federal level.

Distirbuted to EPP programs in August

Institutional Effectiveness Reports (IER) and Institutional Effectiveness Plans (IEP)

As part of the requirements for SACS reaccreditation, IERs and IEPs are reported annually to VSU’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) and are used to ensure programs are demonstrating systematic, continuous improvement and data-driven decision making.

September 30

The Dewar College of Education and Human Services is nationally accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP). CAEP is a national accrediting agency that ensures education preparation units, such as the Dewar College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) at Valdosta State University, are producing quality programs and pre-service teachers that meet federal- or state-mandated criteria prior to teaching in the classroom.

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Specialized Professional Associations (SPA) National Recognition Reports

Many of our educator preparation programs have a program-specific accrediting agencies that require submission of progress reports periodically. The reports submitted to these SPAs are also submitted to CAEP. These reports are completed in collaboration with program coordinators and the Director of the Center for Accreditation and Curricular Innovation.

Varies by SPA

CAEP Annual Report

An annual report where the COEHS provides CAEP with progress made toward addressing weaknesses or areas of improvement, completer and employment information, updates on major changes made to programs or the COEHS as a whole, and any future plans for changes to the COEHS.