Application guidelines – SOLIS Internship Reimbursement Award

Starting from spring 2022, SOLIS, the Student Organization for Library and Information Science, offers one annual cash award of $250 that rewards students for seeking experience outside of coursework to meet their career goals. This scholarship is available to students who have completed – or are in the process of completing – an unpaid internship. The award availability is dependent on availability of SOLIS funds. SOLIS funds are primarily generated by sales of MLIS T-Shirts.

A. Eligibility

  1. Internship must be unpaid.
  2. Internship should be completed in the past year or is currently in progress.
  3. Unpaid internships that also count for coursework are eligible (MLIS 7960 - Supervised Fieldwork).
  4. Applicants must be currently matriculated at VSU.

B. Submitting an Application

  1. MLIS candidates meeting eligibility standards 1 through 4 may apply for the SOLIS Internship Reimbursement Award in the spring semester.
  2. Deadline for submitting applications is February 12.
  3. Applicants must provide the proof of internship such as a letter from the internship supervisor or certificate of completion. Proof of enrollment in MLIS 7960 and good standing in the course should also be provided if the unpaid internship counts for coursework in MLIS 7960.
  4. Write a short essay with 200-500 words about the internship, discussing how it fits the applicant’s career goals. Your academic advisor needs to review the essay.
  5. Complete the MLIS Program of Study form. Your Program of Study form must include a list of the courses you have completed as well as those you are planning to take, grades for all the courses you have completed, and you and your academic advisor’s signatures. The blank Program of Study form is located on the MLIS Academic Advising webpage under Program of Study Forms:
  6. Have your essay and the signed Program of Study form ready and fill out the MLIS Award/Scholarship Online Application Form.

C. Selection

  1. The MLIS Awards and Scholarship Committee will review the application.
  2. The award recipient will receive their notification and funding once application review is completed.
D. Disbursement

The award will be mailed to the student’s current mailing address in the spring semester.