Academic Advising

Orientation Materials for Incoming Students

  • Orientation will be completed during the first weeks of MLIS 7000, Foundations of Library and Information Science, which is required in the first semester of study.

Guides developed to orient new students

Planning for Courses

Optional Areas of Interest

Dual MLIS & School Media Specialist Certification

Preparation to serve children and teens in school and public libraries

Program of Study Forms

A program of study is your record of the courses that you plan to take to fulfill graduation requirements and meet your career goals. It must be developed jointly by you and your advisor. Ask your advisor for help in selecting the appropriate form from the list below. 

If you plan to request transfer credits for a core course, the course must meet the criteria for the course taught in this program.

Graduation Application

Applications are due to your advisor in the semester before you take MLIS 7800 Capstone.

Completing your Graduation Application involves: 1. Payment of fee to the VSU Bursary, and 2. Filing application forms.

Payment online option:

Filing your forms - ALL forms below must be completed and signed by you where designated.

  • Application for Degree Form [download] - this is the packet required for all VSU graduation candidates..
  • Curriculum Checklist [doc] or Curriculum Checklist [pdf] - this form is required for all VSU MLIS candidates.

Submit the above forms to your MLIS Advisor. Again, include either your receipt from online payment OR enclose a note saying that you mailed your check to the Bursary. Your advisor will obtain remaining signatures and forward your packet to the Registrar.