Technical Requirements

Technology Training for Incoming Students

Computer System Needs

VSU has free software that can be downloaded from the Home Software page. In particular you need to download the anti-virus software they provide.

Microsoft Office

MS Office 2010 is officially used by the VSU faculty and administration. Please note that opening Microsoft Word with any other generic program (Notepad, MS Works, WordPad) may cause formatting errors. For this reason, these programs are *not* substitutes for Microsoft Word.

In general Microsoft Office can be purchased from anywhere computers are sold. Beware: When buying a Microsoft Office pack, make sure it at least contains: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint (the full version and not just the viewer), and Excel. If purchasing from the Web, read the selling information carefully. You may be buying a download rather than an actual disc.

Microsoft offers several deals to students including Office Home and Student 2013 ($139.00) and Office 365 University ($79.99). As a student, you are entitled to educational discounts. Most Microsoft Office packages can be placed on multiple computers, generally  two or three, so you don’t have to buy multiple copies for your home, office, laptop. Complete information is online at the Microsoft store for students. ** Last updated on May 1, 2013; actual prices may vary.

If you work for VSU full-time, you can obtain a copy of the Microsoft Office Suite for home use at a discounted rate. For more information and to see if you qualify, go here.   


This information has been provided to help MLIS Program students more effectively and efficiently use the resources within LiveText. For more information on how to use LiveText or any of the resources, click on this link LiveText.

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