Disciplinary Studies (9 hours)

Choose three from the following:

  • ACED 9400 Adult Learning Strategies: Design, development, and implementation of adult learning programs.
    Particular emphasis will be placed on curriculum models, goals. Organization, methodology, career development, ad evaluation for adult learners and learning programs.

  • CIED 9100 Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
    Advanced design, implementation, and evaluation of curricula to promote student learning.

  • EDUC 9000 Interdisciplinary Studies in Education
    A selection of interdisciplinary topics in education with a focus on writing skills.

  • LEAD 9030 Leadership Problems: Interdisciplinary Analysis
    The application of interdisciplinary analysis and leadership skills to the resolution of educational or organizational problems and issues.

Educational Inquiry (16 hours)

  • RSCH 9800 Research Design and Foundations for Advanced Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Method Research
    Philosophical foundations, research techniques, and fundamentals of each approach are presented. Basic statistics are reviewed from descriptive to AN OVA. This course is a foundation for all other advanced research courses.

  • RSCH 9820 Qualitative Research Methods
    Prerequisite: RSCH 9800.Study and application of qualitative research methodology in educational settings.

  • RSCH 9840 Quantitative Research Methods
    Prerequisite: RSCH 9800. Study and application of quantitative research methodology in educational settings.

  • RSCH 9871 Planning for Dissertation
    Research seminar for the planning of the doctoral dissertation topic.

Choose one from the following advanced research courses:

    • RSCH 9830 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
      Prerequisite: RSCH 9820. An investigation of advanced approaches to the conceptualization, design, implementation, and representation of qualitative research and their application.

    • RSCH 9850 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
      Prerequisite: RSCH 9840. Development of skills to identify an appropriate statistical technique, to interpret results for independent research, and to critically evaluate contemporary social research using advanced quantitative methods.

    • RSCH 9860 Advanced Mixed Methods
      Prerequisite: RSCH 9820, RSCH 9840. An investigation of practical and philosophical foundations for the design and implementation of mixed method research.

  • RSCH 9872 Dissertation Topic Conceptualization 
    Prerequisites: RSCH 9820 and RSCH 9840; corequisites RSCH 9830, RSCH 9840, or RSCH 9860. Research seminar for the development of the doctoral dissertation topic.

Major and Interdisciplinary Courses (21 hours)

  • LEAD 9010 Seminar in Organizational Leadership 
    Theoretical and practical aspects in the development of leadership, focusing on skills and processes needed to lead diverse organizations.

  • LEAD 9020 Planning and Change for Leaders 
    Planning and change with emphasis on the knowledge and skills necessary for effective and systematic continuous improvement.

  • LEAD 9040 Organizational Theory, Culture, and Leadership 
    A review of research from high-performing organizations. The course examines the performance of organizations related to organizational theory, culture, and leadership in such-organizations.

Interdisciplinary Courses (12 hours)

  • CIED 9400 Review of Academic Discipline and Pedagogy Literature Advanced analysis and synthesis of pedagogy related to the literature of the academic discipline documented through application of the conventions of academic writing, using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Additionally, the student and advisor will jointly define 9 hours of electives based on the selected concentration.

Dissertation (9 hours minimum)

  • LEAD 9999 Dissertation in Leadership 
    Investigation and completion of a field-based project on a leadership or leadership-related issue. Development and defense of the dissertation proposal and the dissertation. The course must be taken each fall and spring semester until the dissertation is completed. The number of hours must be approved by the dissertation chair. A minimum of 9 hours must be taken.

Total Program Hours = 55