Doctoral Degree Programs

There are three majors within the LTWD doctoral degree programs: 

Specialist Degree Programs

There are two majors within the LTWD specialist degree programs with various concentrations: 

  • Educational Leadership
    (GaPSC Educational Leadership Tier II)
  • Instructional Technology (IT)
    • P-12 Technology Applications with Initial IT Certification 
    • P-12 Technology Applications with an In-Field IT Certification Upgrade 
    • P-12 Technology Applications with Dual Certification in IT and School Library Media  
    • Technology Applications for non P-12 educators 

Master's Degree Programs

There are three majors within the LTWD master's degree program with various concentrations: 

  • Adult and Career Education
    • Workforce Education and Development
    • Career-Technical Education (GaPSC Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education)
    • Human Resource Development
  • Educational Leadership
    • P-12 School Leadership (GaPSC Educational Leadership Tier I)
    • Higher Education Leadership 
  • Instructional Technology
    • Technology Applications 
      (GaPSC Instructional Technology)
    • School Library Media 
      (GaPSC Media Specialist)
    • Instructional Technology and Training 

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Non-Degree Programs