The Pathway to a Doctorate in Leadership plus GAPSC Tier I leadership certification.

Disciplinary Studies (9 hours- Choose three of four)

ACED 9400 Adult Learning Strategies  (LEAD 7310)
LEAD 9000 Writing for Doctoral Candidates        
LEAD 9030 Leadership Problems – Interdisciplinary Analysis (LEAD 7130)
CIED 9100 Curriculum Design, Implementation and Evaluation (CIED 7060)

Educational Inquiry (16 hours)

RSCH 9800 Research Methodology in Education (RSCH 8000)
RSCH 9820 Quantitative Research Methods 
RSCH 9840 Qualitative Research Methods
RSCH 9871 Planning for Dissertation (1hr)
RSCH 9872 Dissertation Topic Conceptualization
Choose one of the following advanced research methods class:
RSCH 9830 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 
RSCH 9850 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
RSCH 9860 Advanced Mixed Methods Research Methods

Major and Interdisciplinary Courses (24 Hours)

LEAD 9010 Seminar in Organizational Leadership
LEAD 9020 Planning and Change for Leaders
LEAD 9040 Organization, Theory, Culture, and Leadership (LEAD 8030)
LEAD 7120 Instructional Leadership and Supervisory Practices 
LEAD 7420 Legal and Ethical Issues for Educators
LEAD 8240 Managing Resources for School Improvement
LEAD 7920 Leadership Field-Based Experiences I  (3hrs)
LEAD 7930 Leadership Field-Based Experiences II (3hrs)

Dissertation (9 hours)

LEAD 9999
LEAD 9999
LEAD 9999

NOTE: This pathway does not guarantee level 7 certification upon completion. Candidates should consult GaPSC for certification upgrade information.

Other VSU Requirements

  1. Students must complete an Inventory of Leadership Experiences.
  2.  All courses as outlined on the program of study must be completed.
  3. All graduation requirements as specified in the Graduate Catalog must be met.
  4. A GACE Leadership score must be recorded--a passing score is required for Leadership certification but not for graduation
  5. Take LEAD 5999 and purchase the Standard LiveText  package
  6. Complete the entry Advanced Educator Dispositions Forms (entry and exit) and the Advanced Educator Field Experiences form while in the program
  7. Complete the GaPSC Entry Professional Ethics Exam (370) and the Exit Professional Ethics Exam (380)