Workforce Education and Development Option is a program designed for post-secondary educators, private sector workforce educators and trainers, and community adult educators to learn advanced instructional and course design knowledge and techniques, skills and dispositions to effectively facilitate adult learning, and the proper conduct and interpretation of research related to the field.

A capstone experience is required to complete the degree.

Applications are accepted on a continual basis.

REQUIRED OF ALL STUDENTS FOR ADMISSION: Undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in education or related field; Undergraduate GPA 2.5 and above; GRE score of 144 or above on the quantitative portion; the score on the verbal portion must be 147 or more; an analytical writing score of 4.0, or a MAT raw score of 375.

Applicants with an undergraduate overall GPA of 3.0 or higher will not have to take the GRE or MAT exam to be considered for admission.


A minimum of 36 hours beyond Bachelor's degree is required.

Program of Study WED

Course Rotation

CORE - (15 hours)

RSCH 7100 Research Methodology in Education

PSYC 7010 Learning and Assessment


PSYC 7040 Adult Learning and Assessment

ACED 7620 – Evaluation of ACED Programs

ACED 7640 – Issues and Trends in ACED

ACED 7990 – Analysis of Research in ACED

 AREA OF EMPHASIS - Workforce Education and Development (21 hours)

ACED 7150 – Adult Learning & Development

ACED 7100 – Current Practices in Workforce Education & Development

ACED 7110 – Workforce Performance Improvement

ACED 7530 – Supervision & Mentoring in ACED

ACED 7680 – Contemporary Instructional Practices in Workforce Education


ACED 7350 – Organizational Learning & Development

*Capstone Option A

Guided Electives – Six (6) Credits & Comprehensive Examination


*Capstone Option B

Guided Electives – Three (3) Credits


ACED 7950 – Directed Study in ACED (Creative Component)

Guided Electives - Appropriate to the Student's Plan of Study

ACED 7020 – History and Philosophy of ACED

ACED 7120 – Electronic Courseware Design & Development

PSYC 7610 – Performance Appraisal

PSYC 8360 – Human Resource Development


In the WED option, any courses taken at the undergraduate level may not be duplicated at the Master's level.

This program does not satisfy requirements for initial or advanced teacher certification in Georgia by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.  For more information, contact your advisor.

Contact Dr. Kenneth Ott ( for more admission information.
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