Current Graduate Students


Graduate Student

Major Professor

Project Rationale and Description

David Arancibia

Arancibia, David

Dr. Calestani

Studying the reproductive biology of marine bivalves, specifically the sex reversal in adult animals when influenced by environmental stressors.

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Dr. McDonough

Loren Binns

Binns, Loren A.

Dr. Anderson

I'm currently researching a top minnow species, fundulus, to receive a better understanding of its population genetics.

Joshua Brown

Brown, Joshua I.

Dr. Anderson

Benjamin L Clubb

B. Luke

Dr. Uyeno

Project Rationale and Description: I study the diversity and feeding of hagfish. Hagfish make use of a unique muscular feeding apparatus rather than having opposable jaws that I am interested in characterizing.

Emily Evans

Emily E.

Dr. Uyeno

Roderica Flucas

Roderica K.

Dr. Kang

I am studying the mind/body connection of the protein orexin. 


Samantha Gimbel

Samantha F.

Dr. Henkel

Monitoring populations of Lytechinus variegatus and Arbacia punctulata at Gray’s Reef Marine Sanctuary. Assessing the effects of ocean acidification on the respiration and movement capabilities of Lytechinus variegatus

Brand Griffin

Brandi M.

Dr. Anderson

I am interested in epiphyte ecology.
Darrell Hill

W. Darrell

Dr. Blackmore

I am performing observations on Container-Breeding Mosquitoes in Valdosta, Ga by using Ovitraps. The purpose of this research is to enhance vector control in the city of Valdosta.

Sarah Hough

Sarah E.

Dr. Lockhart

Assessing metal accumulation in several common terrestrial mammals in South Georgia in order to relate land use practices and varying levels of anthropogenic impact with metal accumulation in the animals and to assess whether trophic level and feeding habits influence metal accumulation.
Phillip Lowe

Phillip D.

Dr. Carter

The sedge family (Cyperaceae) is the third largest monocot family in the World.  Cyperaceae contains a number of weeds of agronomic importance as well as other economically important taxa.  I am compiling a checklist of the Cyperaceae in Georgia based on holdings in the Valdosta State University and University of Georgia herbaria and constructing distribution maps for each species, showing occurrences in counties, physiographic provinces, and river drainage systems. I am also using morphometric data to explore selected taxonomic problems bearing on Georgia’s Cyperaceae, including two putatively new species, one each in Cyperus and Eleocharis, and the status of the southeastern granitic outcrop endemic, Cyperus granitophilus.
Katie Merritt

Merritt, Katie

Dr. Blackmore

West Nile Virus testing in Lowndes County by conducting antibody tests to determine a recent or past infection. Then correlating this data with the Lowndes County vector data collected by Dr. Blackmore's mosquito surveillance lab over the years.

James Ragan

Ragan, James

Dr. Waters

The environmental and ecological change of Cherry Lake, FL, USA: A paleolimnological analysis.

Pramir K.C.

Pramir, K.C.

Dr. Kang

“Analysis of sequence characteristics of CD Type I proteins using statistic tools, in order to determine their functional class”. 

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Dr. Kang

 Ellen Vedas

Vedas, Ellen M.

Dr. Blackmore

I am studying prescribed fire and its effects on mosquito ecology and habitat.

Danielle M Ward

Ward, Danielle M.

Dr. Kang

Studying the relationship between the human immune system and the progression of Alzheimer's disease.