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The Department of Biology has two programs of courses, one leading to a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology and one to a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in biology.  In addition, the Master of Science with a major in biology is also offered.

When should I contact my mentor?

In the Department of Biology the role of faculty mentors is to use their experience to provide career and practical advice to students upon request.

Specifically, faculty specialties for career and department mentoring is as follows:

Professional Programs

Faculty Mentors

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Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Cantonwine


Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant

Drs. Loughry and Chambers

Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant Flyer

Animal Behavioral

Drs. Loughry and McDonough


Aquatic Biology

Dr. Nienow


Biology Teacher

Dr. Jones


Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Science

Dr. Gannon



Drs. Bergstrom, Cantonwine, and Rose


Ecology of Infectious Diseases

Drs. Turco, Lockhart, and Blackmore


General Biology

All faculty members


Genetics Biotechnology

Drs. Elder and Ring



Dr. Safer

Marine Biology

Dr. Rose


Drs. Turco and Calestani


Pre-Occupational Therapy

Dr. Fort 

Pre-Occupational Therapy Flyer

Pre-Physical Therapy

Dr. Fort

Pre-Physical Therapy Flyer

Pre-Physician Assistant

Dr. Chambers

Pre-Physician Assistant Flyer

Plant Sciences

Drs. Cantonwine, Carter, and Lokdarshi



Drs. Nienow and Anderson

Pre-Dentistry Flyer


Drs. Blackmore, Elder, Lockhart, Ring, Kang, and Uyeno

Pre-Medical Flyer and Pre-Medical Program at VSU
Letter of Evaluation Form  | New 2018 MCG Requirements


Dr. Carter

Pre-Optometry flyer


Dr. Doscher

Pre-Veterinary Flyer

Pre-Respiratory Therapy

Dr. Fort                              

Wildlife Biology

Dr. Lockhart

Wondering who your advisor is? Visit our FAQ page.

College of Science and Mathematics Advising Center (COSM)

College of Science and Mathematics Advising Center should be contacted for all advising inquires.  In the College of Science and Mathematics Advising Center there is a specific advisor assigned to each department for individual student advising.  Biology's assigned COSM Advisors are listed below:

Lorri Lovell


Office Location: 3200 Converse Hall, Third Floor

Office Phone:  (229) 245-4378

Myia Miller (A-L)


Office Location:  3200 Converse Hall, Third Floor

Office Phone:  (229) 333-5432

Jake Martin (M-Z)


Office Location:  3200 Converse Hall, Third Floor

Office Phone:  (229) 253-4041

Requirements for a second bachelor’s degree

Complete all science and math courses required for the biology degree. As for the core, a new student to VSU from another state only has to meet the legislative requirements (US/GA History and US/GA Constitution) and complete Area F for their major. They do not have to do anything else within the core. Most students do the exemption exams in the testing office to satisfy the legislative requirements

Florida Colleges

We now have a reciprocity agreement with all Florida colleges, public and private, to accept their AA degree as core areas A through E.  They still need to meet the core  area classes specific for our biology degrees. In addition, they must have taken US Government and US History at their school or they will have to take the entire class here, but if they did take it they will only have to take the GA History and GA Government tests here at VSU to satisfy the legislative requirements. Credit for BIOL 1107 and BIOL 1108 will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Currently we do accept the biology courses from Florida Gateway College as BIOL 1107 and BIOL 1108 and that will be accomplished by admissions when the students enroll. A waiver is needed for Freshman seminar.

Advising Forms

Current Biology Advising Forms

Long Term Schedule Beginning Spring 2020 | Printable PDF

Biology Advising Forms Pre 2019

Advising Resources

Recommended Four-Year Program of Study for Full-Time Students