The North American Mycoflora Project (NAMP) is a collaborative effort between citizen scientists and mycologists to identify and map the distribution of mushrooms and other macrofungi throughout North America. Thanks to NAMP’s simplified systems of DNA sequencing and specimen vouchering, anyone with mushroom identification skills can now contribute to the official scientific species list of fungi. Visit to learn more.

Mycoflora@VSU is unique as a NAMP project because its primary goal is to bridge the educational experiences of VSU students and participating community members with NAMP’s mission to enhance citizen contributions to science. Fungal specimens that used to be thrown away at the end of a workshop or course on mushroom identification at VSU, can now be sequenced and stored as vouchers in the Fungus Collection in our Herbarium available to professionals interested in species diversity and distribution.

For more information about Mycoflora@VSU, contact Dr. Emily Cantonwine at Donations to the Mycoflora@VSU DNA sequencing fund, can be made at Select the Mycoflora fund.