Pre-Pharmacy Program

Pre-pharmacy is a popular degree option for many of our students. Pre-pharmacy students are advised by Chemistry faculty and are declared as chemistry majors with a pre-pharmacy concentration. After completing classes at VSU, pre-pharmacy students apply and enroll in pharmacy school, where an additional three or four years completes a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD). Many career options exist after completing a PharmD, such as hospital or retail practice, research, public health, or further study and specialization. Pharmacists are generally well paid and are currently in high demand. Many areas of the country are experiencing a shortage of pharmacists, especially rural areas.

Chemistry students preparing for pharmacy school have several good options at VSU. We have a new "3+4" program agreement with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) in Suwanee, Georgia. This allows you to begin your PharmD courses at PCOM after completing three years towards your Pre-Professional Chemistry degree at VSU. Your PCOM courses then transfer back to VSU, allowing you to earn a VSU Pre-Professional Chemistry degree while you are completing your PharmD degree at the same time. This saves you a whole year of time and tuition! This opportunity does require extra planning, so be sure to view a schedule of courses for your three years of Chemistry at VSU. 

An alternate plan is to follow our two-year Pre-Pharmacy plan. This requires the least amount of time to prepare you for most pharmacy schools without earning a BS Chemistry degree. View a Pre-Pharmacy Chemistry program map and course checklistThe curriculum is completed at VSU in a minimum of four semesters.

The Pre-Professional Chemistry degree option is appropriate for those wishing to obtain a bachelor's degree before attending pharmacy school. After completing a degree program tailored to their needs, pre-pharmacy students apply to a professional school of pharmacy.

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