Pre-Pharmacy Program

The VSU pre-pharmacy program is housed in the Chemistry department. Pre-pharmacy students are advised by chemistry faculty and are declared as chemistry majors with a pre-pharmacy concentration. The curriculum is completed at VSU in a minimum of four semesters. Completion of a degree is not required, but the pre-professional option under the B.S. in Chemistry is appropriate for those wishing to obtain a bachelor's degree before attending pharmacy school. After completing the pre-pharmacy program, students apply to a professional school of pharmacy where an additional three or four years completes a doctor of pharmacy degree (Pharm. D.). Many career options exist after completing a Pharm. D. such as hospital or retail practice, research, public health or further study and specialization. Pharmacists are generally well paid and are currently in high demand. Many areas of the country are experiencing a shortage of pharmacists, especially rural areas.

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