VSU Chemistry offers VSU’s only Pre-Pharmacy degree program and is a popular option for our students. After completing classes at VSU, pre-pharmacy students apply and enroll in pharmacy school, where they earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) after three or four years of study. You’ll have many career options after earning your PharmD, such as hospital or retail practice, research, public health, or further study and specialization. Pharmacists are generally well paid and are currently in high demand. Many areas of the country are experiencing a shortage of pharmacists, especially rural areas. There are several ways that VSU Chemistry students can prepare for pharmacy school.


Accelerated Programs

Agreements between VSU Chemistry and top pharmacy provide you with an accelerated pathway to a PharmD degree that requires just three years to get your VSU Chemistry degree and gives you special benefits when you apply for pharmacy school.

New agreements between VSU Chemistry and PCOM, LECOM (Florida), South University, and UGA allow you to begin your PharmD studies after completing just three years towards your Chemistry degree at VSU. Your pharmacy school courses then transfer back to VSU, allowing you to earn a VSU Chemistry degree while you are completing your PharmD degree at the same time. This saves you a whole year of time and tuition! This opportunity does require extra planning, so be sure to talk with your Academic Advisor about scheduling all your classes. 


Four-Year Pre-Pharmacy Chemistry Option

Students seeking a typical four-year college experience can choose the Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy option. This is the most common way students enter the Pharmacy School of their choice.


Non-Degree Program

Some pharmacy schools do not require a college degree (although a college degree always strengthens your application). If you wish to just meet the minimum admission requirements for pharmacy school without earning a VSU Chemistry degree, you can follow an alternate course plan. This requires the least amount of time but you do not earn a Chemistry degree. The non-degree program map shows how the curriculum is completed at VSU in a minimum of two years.


Pharmacy School Application Process

Read advice and tips about how to prepare for pharmacy school and successfully complete your application.