Bachelor's of Science
Suggested Program of Study

This is a term-by-term sample course schedule (program map). The milestones listed below each year are designed to keep you on course to graduate in four years. A sample schedule is provided as a general guideline to help you build a schedule each term. Your courses must be selected with your academic advisor to satisfy all core curriculum and other requirements. Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for the most current curriculum. View a course checklist.

Year 1

Fall Hrs.
CHEM 1211 and 1211L 4
MATH 1113 or 1112 3
ENGL 1101 3
POLS 1101 3
CHEM 1210 (take fall or spring) 1
Total hours 14
Spring Hrs.
CHEM 1212 and 1212L 4
MATH 2261 4
ENGL 1102 3
HIST 2111 or 2112 3
Total hours 14

Milestones: Complete freshman Chemistry sequence. Complete legislative requirements. ≥2.0 GPA. Core or Electives includes 9 hours of Modern Foreign Language. Electives must be chosen to give 39 total upper-division hours, 6 hours of which must be other than chemistry. (Biology is recommended. The required BIOL 3100 may then satisfy 4 of these 6 hours). Mathematics helps us understand chemistry so students should begin CHEM 1211 with a good foundation of college algebra and trig. Students placed in MATH 1111 or 1112 should try to complete MATH 1113 (Precalculus) and Calculus I and II sequence as soon as possible. Calculus I and II are co-requisites for Year 2 physics courses and pre-requisites for Physical Chemistry in Year 3. Students registering for CHEM 1200 should complete the Chemistry Placement Test to see if they qualify for CHEM 1211. Completing CHEM 1200 may be necessary but it will delay enrollment in all subsequent chemistry classes.

Year 2

Fall Hrs.
CHEM 3401 4
CHEM 2310 4
PHYS 2211K or 1111K 4
MATH 2262 4
Total hours 16
Spring Hrs.
CHEM 3402 4
CHEM 2210 1
PHYS 2212K or 1112K 4
Core or Electives 4
ENGL 2111, 2112, or 2113 3
Total hours 16

Milestones: ≥2.0 GPA. Complete MATH requirement. Strongly suggest students join the American Chemical Society. Complete ENGL requirement. Apply for summer research program, if applicable. Complete Organic Chemistry requirement.

Year 3

Fall Hrs.
CHEM 3801 4
CHEM 3601 3
BIOL 1107/1107L 4
CHEM 3510 4
Total hours 15
Spring Hrs.
CHEM 3802 4
CHEM 3601L 2
CHEM 3602 3
BIOL 1108/1108L 4
Core or Electives 2
Total hours 15

Milestones: ≥2.0 GPA. Apply for summer research program, if applicable. Submit graduation application. Complete Physics Requirement. Complete Biochemistry Requirement. By spring of your junior year, you should: Decided if you want to pursue a minor. Visit the Office of Career Opportunities, the College of Education Advising Center (if you want to get teacher certification), and begin planning for life after VSU.

Year 4

Fall Hrs.
BIOL 3200 3
Core or Electives 12
Total hours 15
Spring Hrs.
CHEM 4310 4
CHEM 4210 1
BIOL 3100 3
Core or Electives 7
Total hours 15

Milestones: ≥2.0 GPA. Begin applications for graduate or professional school, if applicable. By spring of your senior year, you should: Complete applications for graduate study or professional school, if required for your career plans. Contact professors to write letters of reference for you. Prepare a professional resumes.