Course Title Instructor Name
BIOL 1010  Biol Evolution and Diversity Jones and Blackmore
BIOL 1011K  Introduction to Biology  
BIOL 1012K  Introductory Biololy II  
BIOL 1020L  Biodiversity Lab Doscher, Loughry, Taylor, Harris, and Holley
BIOL 1030  Organismal Biology Brown
BIOL 1040L Organismal Biology Lab Doscher and Castellano
BIOL 1100 Biol Fresh Sem Gannon: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
BIOL 1107  Principles of Biology I Cantonwine, Ring, and Chambers
BIOL 1107L Principles of Biology Lab I Kang, Chambers: Sec A, Sec C, Ring, Phillips, Brown, and Calestani
BIOL 1108  Principles of Biology II Grove, Brown, and Lokdarshi
BIOL 2251 Human Anatomy/Physiology I Safer
BIOL 2252 Human Anatomy/Physiology II Uyeno
BIOL 2260  Microbiology in Health/Disease Nienow
BIOL 3100  Microbiology Turco
BIOL 3200  Introductory Genetics Calestani
BIOL 3250  Ecology and Evolution Rose, Grabarczyk, and Bergstrom
BIOL 3400  Plant Physiology Lokdarshi
BIOL 3460  Human Physiology Fort
BIOL 3530 Biodiversity of Macrofungi Cantonwine
BIOL 3610  Dendrology Carter
BIOL 3840 Entomology Blackmore
BIOL 3960  Wildlife Biology Lockhart
BIOL 4400 Vertebrate Histology Lockhart
BIOL 4510  Virology Turco
BIOL 4560  Quantum Biology Kang
BIOL 4900 Biology Senior Seminar Phillips, Grabarczyk, and Carter
BIOL 5100  Microbiology Turco
BIOL 5200 Introductory Genetics Calestani
BIOL 5400  Plant Physiology Lokdarshi
BIOL 5460 Human Physiology Fort
BIOL 5530 Biodiversity of Macrofungi Cantonwine
BIOL 5610 Dendrology Carter
BIOL 5840  Entomology Blackmore
BIOL 5960  Wildlife Biology Lockhart
BIOL 6400 Vertebrate Histology Lockhart
BIOL 6510  Virology Turco
BIOL 6560  Quantum Biology Kang

ISCI COURSES | Fall 2022

Course Title Instructor Name
ISCI 2001  Exploring Our Ecosphere Jones
ISCI 3103 Natural History Mid Sch Teach Jones








syllabioffice hours
Course Title Instructor Name
ISCI 2001  Exploring Our Ecosphere Jones