Biology Course Override Request Form

***AS OF FALL 10/20/17 this form is ONLY used for pre-requisite and time-conflict overrides***

This form is no longer used for class size overrides.  See Registrar's site for Banner Wait-List Information.


Be sure to fill this form out completely and accurately.  Class information can be found on the Banner Student Information System.

What this form is used for:

This Biology Course Override Form allows students to request prerequisite overrides and time conflict overrides from the professor/instructor who is teaching the requested course.  Override forms are used during the open registration period with the appropriate professor/instructor’s permission.

When to use this form:

This forms can be used only during the open registration periods with the exception of Prerequisite Overrides which do not add you to the class but allows you to register without getting the "Prerequisite and Test Score Error" message from appearing when you try to register. 

Even though prerequisite overrides can be submitted at any time you will only be able to register for the course during open registration periods.  We encourage all students to take care of any prerequisite overrides prior to the registration period.  Unlike time-conflict overrides, any professor who has taught a particular course can sign-off on prerequisite overrides.  Transfer students are likely to get the prerequisite error because at this time the Banner Student Information system does not pick up on all of the transferred credits from other universities. This is also common if you are currently enrolled in the course's prerequisite.

Remember the system is looking for students to have taken and passed the prerequisites for the requested course with a "C" or better. Prerequisites can be found in the Course Catalogue.

Please Note!

It is important to select the appropriate recipient to receive this override request form. The recipient should be the instructor of the requested course.  Also, be sure to check your schedules for any course override request changes that may have been made to your schedules before following-up with the instructor.

If the professor/instructor agrees to the override request, you will be copied in the email and the request will be forwarded to the office staff for processing.  Please allow one working day (24 hours) after submitting this request form for processing. 

Paper forms are the fastest as well as the preferred method of obtaining an override.  Paper forms are located in the Biology Main Office, Bailey Science Center, room 2035.

Please submit additional forms for additional requests. 

Thank you.



  • Professor/Instructor of Course

    Please select the professor/instructor of the requested course.

    The recipient tells the request form where to go.  This selection is a secondary measure to assure you are sending the override request form to the intended Professor/Instructor of the course.

    This should be the second time selecting the recipient or professor/instructor of the course; therefore, this selection should match the recipient selected above!

  • Student Identification Number

    Please enter in your student identification number that begins with the digits 870.  Please do not enter in your social security number!

  • Override Type

    Determine which override is needed:

    1. A prerequisite override is used when a student is getting a "prerequisite and test score error" message when you try to register for a course.  Please note that if the request is for a Prerequisite Override, the student must register himself/herself for the course after the request has been approved. Remember the system is looking for students to have taken and passed the prerequisites for the requested course with a "C" or better. Prerequisites can be found in the Course Catalogue.
    2. A time conflict override is used when a student is requesting to be allowed to be overridden into a course that overlaps with another time for another course.

    Please select one of the 2 choices:

    Prerequisite Override or Time Conflict Override

  • Prerequisite Override
    Time Conflict Override
  • Prerequisites:

    A listing of the prerequisites can be found in the course catelogue for each course.  Please indicate one of the choices.  You may add additional necessary informtion in the comment section below. 

  • Student Classification

    Please enter your current classification based on your credit hours.

  • Last Name

    Please enter your last name only.

  • First Name

    Please enter your first name only.

  • Middle Initial

    Please select your middle initial.

  • Term

    Please select the term for which you are requesting an override for.

  • Spring
  • Year

    Please select the year of the requested course.

  • Subject

    Please select the subject of the requested course.

  • Biology (BIOL)
    Integrated Sciences (ISCI)
    Perspectives (PERS)
  • Course

    Please enter the requested override course. (Ex: 1107k, 2651, 1020L, 3100, etc...)  Please look-up on Banner.

  • Section

    Please select section of override request. Please look-up on Banner.

  • Course Request Number

    The CRN is the five digit code that identifies the specific course you are requesting an override for.  Please look-up CRN on Banner and be sure to enter in the correct CRN

    • If the course is for the spring, the number will most likely start with the digit 2 _ _ _ _.
    • If the course is for the summer, the number will most likely start with the digit 5_ _ _ _. 
    • If the course is for the fall, the digit will most likely start with the digit 8 _ _ _ _.
  • Course Inquiry

    Please indicate rather you have taken this course before or not.

  • No
  • Student VSU E-Mail Address

    Please enter in your VSU email address only. The address should end with "".

  • Student Phone Number

    Please enter your phone number as an alternative contact method if it becomes necessary for the Professor/Instructor or office staff to contact you. Don't forget the area code!

  • Comments

    Please be brief and enter any information that you feel will assist the instructor in determining the need to override you into this course. Such as, if you need a prerequisite override, why do you need it. 

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